hmong black magic?!.


sarNie Adult
I remembered i see this kind of movie where is has voo-doo and spell..i was very damn mad and i feel like i wanna kick that loser in the ass for using khawm koob rau nws tus lover so that he can love her forever but then at the end the loser died haha and he turn back to the same him and love his wife again n they live happily ever after! =) sorry im just bubbling in ..n its a good movie.


sarNie Egg
anyone knows anyone who can do that. I'm tired of being treated like crap by some jack and his family. Want some instant karma for them. If you know anyone, hit me up. Tired of putting up with it, and need someone to help me deal with it as a last resort.


sarNie Egg
Black magic is indeed very real. whether in our very own Hmong culture or any other, it is 100% real and authentic. there has been many occurrences/incidents in the past resulting people dying in a very short amount of time and upon
the time of death, it is often very rare that you'll being about spot anything on the body that is convincing of his/her death but somehow they are just dead, and thats when you'll know that, 1 its either a black magic spell cast onto that person,
2 taken by an evil ghost spirit or higher power dimensional demon, or 3 some other stuff but its rarely the case as the 2 ways above i mention are the most deadliest and quickest way for any person to die in such unusual way without any illness
or in a very very short amount of time unexpectedly.