Hmong New Year MN 2013-2014

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
So I  went the first day with my bf and his family this year and Xab Thoj and Txiab Yaj came. WOW, i'm surprise how small and petite Txiab is. They also went and sang on stage but it was kinda awkward cause at first the peeps didn't put on the song so they had to improv a litttle. lol but my bf took a video of them with his phone. Will upload it later XD


sarNie Adult
They were awesome, txiab is like my height and she is 20 something. There funny especially the ending about the money bag and the beginning


sarNie Egg
yea i heard about them, they are coming down to fresno also. and they are gonna have a concert on the 29th of december for them. i might go if i dont work! :D


They came to my new year. I only went today. Saw them perform 2.5 songs. Yup, Txiab is indeed little and Xab got chubby lol didnt get a chance to take pics with them though cuz they were already gone