sarNie Egg
What a "R" in the hmong history today.
please...if u want to represent our costume, please make it more ..... realastic...
i don't get it...if these girls have the guts to show their freaken body...why can't go somehwere which pays them...not selling their body for free....

Freaken' hmong hotties girls r so dumb...think about about can pull off the same thing and get paid millions of dollar somehwere go for the hollywood or something....they sure need some hot asian chicks.

I mean think about it....imaging your brother, cousins, relative, parents, so on and on see you like this...isn't its embarassing.
especially your very own brother and your father.

by the way heres some photos:

see it for ur self....think twice!!!



sarNie Hatchling
if they have to guts to where hmong clothes like this ..all power to them

but its disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry . this is nastyyyyyyyy.. and thiey're not even hot more like sluts...

if anyone were realated to these girls embarrassing!!


sarNie Hatchling
i think some pictures are really good
like i said in the other topics
i think they should really model other stuff first than go out with their whole body and skin
but they are brave to do this
and the two last picture are kind of porn and playboy looking
no offence


sarNie Adult
lmao--- they are well very alluring to the desire atm damn but i'm just a male so its a flaw,,, i was born this way they's appetizing--- lmaoa :drool:

P.S. love them,,, i think not,,, abuse them hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *looks both ways shakes head and whispers uh ha* but you did not see that moment of weakness,,, but i am like all males part dog *howls woof woof* lmao :yahoo:


sarNie OldFart
Eh...they do whatever they's their's nothing new...hmong clothes these days aren't even hmong clothes anymore...I go to the new years and everything is like...simple...


sarNie Hatchling
it's an accurate representation of this generation...why are people so pissed off about it?'s nothing's called "HMONG PRIDE"...that's some great pride right there


sarNie Egg
I agree that they do some great pride in that they can display hmong costumes so bluntly...but on the other hand..if I were their parents...whOooOo...wouldnt that be shameful.

I don't know about these girls having any hmong pride--just because they wear the outifs doesn't mean anything---plus the fact that they can do this to the hmong clothes---it is demeaning to see things like this---no offense. It's like not having any sort of respect but i'm sorry to say.

I'm not piss off---just sadden that girls ( particulary regarding photos like this) doesnt know how to portray 'hmong pride'--


sarNie OldFart
I don't think they're actually trying to represent "Hmong pride"'s more like they're sporting newer versions of hmong clothes...aiming towards the younger crowd...maybe??? The white skirt outfit and the skirt with the coins with the baby blue top...I've seen outfits like that at the clubs before...I even wear them sometimes...haha...just not in hmong design prints...

But I'll have to agree on how the parents might momma would kill me!!! LOL


sarNie Adult
This is not an accurate way of representing our ancient Hmong clothing yeah, there's Hmong pride and all, but no Hmong people would be caught wearing this to new year's or tournaments...!!! All it takes is one soul to ruin it for the rest of us....what a shame....these girls have no pride whatsoever...


sarNie Hatchling
OMG...what the heck is this?! LMAO.....first of all, they're all freakin short as you can tell and they're not even all that either sorry. i'm so totally cracking up at john's comment...ROFL!!!!

Azure Bleu

sarNie Egg
They need to stop wearing their baby sister's Hmong clothes. I hate to say it but those photos are disturbing and extremely distatsteful.


sarNie Egg
wow! i can't believe they did that! i guess its up to them since its there body. but i won't because i will be hella embarassing like you said neegvwm.


sarNie Egg
hmmmm....don't really know how to comment this....

1. i think that it's good that they are showing their hmong pride. (in a reveiling way)
2. In away they're protraying a bad image for the hmong community saying that hmong girls are that easy.
3. If I was their parents, d@mn... I would be embarrassed to have them as my daughters.


sarNie Hatchling
OKIE this is just so not kool...i mean i'm embarrass for them to say that they are hmong.. since they make us look like a bunch of hoe bags..but least portray the hmong in a better way..and it is embarrassing to take photos like this knowing that ur family members might be looking at u..that is just disgusting


sarNie Adult
How sad..
They're all so gorgeous, but then if they want to do this kind of modeling, why not use a different style...
how sad.


sarNie Juvenile
i don't know why they didn't just pose naked instead of putting all those little ribbons/bands/cloth around their wastes/boobs/butts...what a shame!