How to conceive a girl


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I am carrying my fourth child now and all of them all boys. I strongly want a girl to complete my family. Does anyone know how I could conceive a girl?


Is your family blaming you for getting only boys? If so you know it's not your fault that you're getting only boys. It's your husband's fault. He provides either the X or Y sex chromosome while females only provide the X sex chromosome. If he gives an X you get a girl, if he gives another Y then you're stuck with another boy :(. I'm not a fertility expert in any way or have any kids of my own or ever plan to have any lol, but I have heard of wives tales on methods to conceive a girl such as having intercourse after your ovulation but that calls for knowing a lot about your ovulation cycle. Also, there's stories on the # of times you should have intercourse and all that stuff but as a person who knows quite a few things about genetics, I haven't read any legit studies or come across any substantial evidence on ways to conceive a baby girl. But you will always have a 50/50 chance of getting a baby girl no matter what you do so good luck :)


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No they didn't blame me, because they know it is hip to my husband. I thought it was serious when my husband told me to try to get a baby girl by another guy, which I felt totally insulted. We had been marry for over 13yrs and he is pushing me away because of this.


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Poor you! I'm not married yet, I do not know. But I was told that the sex positions can help us to conceive either girl or boy too?


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Funny to say....but I think I had tried almost everything...including different sex position. Right now I am at least 20wk, hoping my second ultrasound will give me something different from my first. All I know is that after that ultrasound my husband seem very distance from me... When he found out that I was pregnant, he had treated me like a queen...always kiss me and the baby in the me around walking my step....pretty much I doesn't need to move a it look like he is ignoring me...sleep with his back turn...doesn't talk much about the baby...get mad when I play with him...Sometime I felt like getting rid of this kid and try over.....I know that I am suppose to be graceful of what God gave me, but I think my husband really wanted a "daddy little girl". I love all my boys but I felt that I need a girl to complete my family. Also I don't want to keep trying and have dozens of kids.


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At first I wanted to write an encourage post, but after reading the last post, it total got me all :rant: and I better not say anything, because I have nothing nice to say anymore. :rant: :whatever:

But just wanted to say to Nai_1_1, that was a nice and interesting info. :yes: :thumbsup:


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As I had research and learned from my sister, a method to conceive a girl is to have intercourse several days before your ovulation time. From what my sister had said, keep tracking of your ovulation is a really good method of how to conceive which gender. I don't know if you had done your research on it yet but, I found this website really informative.

I hope it goes well for you.


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The problem with ovulation is that I don`t have regular period. I guess I just got to accept what god give me.


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Sorry to say this but do you live in the dark ages where superstition rules common sence.
Differen positions to determine the sex of the child???...Sorry you can stand on your head having sex for all I care
but it wont give you any higher chanc of determine wether or not the child becomes what you desire.

What does matter is temperature and I am not speaking of the females temp but the temp of the males balls/testicles.
The balls have a lower temp then the body that is normally 37degC the warmer balls the higher chance of getting a girl.
Studies have proved that "male" sperms doesnt thrive in heat but "female" sperms have a better survivel rate with heat.

A fertility Dr got a question from his friend in a diving club. Why cant we have boys? All of us only have daughters.
Well that got him to start thinking and to research. He found out that male sperms die faster and those that survive the higher temp becomes slower then the female sperms and in lower temps the male sperm are faster thus more male sperms reaches the egg before the female. As they lived in a colder climate where WARM summer only last 3-4 month per year all of them where using divingsuits. (Heatsuits) that made their balls warmer then normal.

When I read that medical article I started to laugh as I looked around on family and friends.
My ex is that kind of a guy that if they even mention frost on the weather forcast he takes his Helly Hansen thick longjohns on and the nut works in an office and yet he doesnt take them off. He has four girls. His brother in law is the kind of guy that always have thin clothing regarless of how cold it is and is alway shivering of cold...He has three boys.
Since these two are so extreme in their behavior its easy to see who has warm ball and who always have cold.

Ok I know we are not reptiles or turtles BUT
Since Crocs, snake and turtles gender is determie AFTER "conception" its easier to see that temperature is vital to determine the sex of the offspring.
When the eggs are laid, the closer the eggs are to the surface/thus getting the heat from the sun...those eggs becomes female and the deeper buried eggs becomes male as its colder deeper down in the sand/soil where the eggs are laid. So the X and Y chromosome are "released" or "killed" depending on temp.

So if you want to highten the chance of you getting a daughter you have to see to that the temp
of your guys balls are warmer then it normally is for a longer period of time not just that day.
So dip the guy in loong baths. thick warm underwear (even if its 40 dgrC outside) and rais your chance.
If he complaines tell him its up to him to deliver if he wants a girl.


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My sister had 3 boys and is carrying her 4th child too... When she first found out she was pregg she called my relatives and got some medicine to convert the baby into a girl. IDK how it works but she found out the sex and is a girl later..


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So I should try to conceive in the summer? Get my husband to wrk out intense and try to concieve when he is all warm up?


This is so hilarious. I don't mean to offend anyone and all the info is useful, but I just want to say, guys are like that, after one or two kids they don't really care anymore for the next one because they've had enough of kids already. Maybe that's what the husband is feeling, not that you're not getting a girl.


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Although this thread was opened long time ago but I just want to share my 2 cents here. it's no scientific but it's not hurt to try I guess. One of my neighbours have all boys in her family. So she always wanted a girl. I think during her pregnancy she bought a kid girlish dress and hang it on her bedroom so she would see it everyday. i know It's a bit superstitious but she got a daughter in the end. The same thing happened to my aunt. 
Good luck, I hope you'll get a healthy baby daughter soon :)