Hua Jai Ploy Jone (Exact)


sarNie Oldmaid
Thank you for sharing the pix. Man I wish Pim would change her hair style. She have that hair style in every of her lakorn she play in.


sarNie Juvenile
i love mos and pim together although i don't like pim's choppy bangs. i prefer if she angled it. oh well she still looks cute nonetheless. very anticipating this lakorn.


sarNie Elites
I cannot wait for this lakorn! Mos looks so good still! Mos and Pim are one of my favorite couples! I am really excited!

I would have to agree... I do not like Pim's bangs much either :/


sarNie Adult
Yes they did play with each other before. This is their third time playing each other.
so that's why i thought they looks so familiar. thanks. i think i already saw the second one together. not sure about the very first though. what's the first two called?


sarNie Oldmaid
wanna update news
from Fluke's interview (with tvpool on 5-16-10) he said this lakorn will air after "Dok ruk rim tung".
cool..didn't think it will air this fast.
but yay!!! can't wait! miss Fluke so much. ^^


Exact is really confusing ... Khun Sunt , said his drama Traa Barb on a ir after DRRT and now this ... hmm what is really true ??!


sarNie Oldmaid
Fluke,Gam and Mae all said this lakorn will air after dok ruk rim tung, actually Gam's mom and FFC has found out since the opening of hua jai ploy jone that it will air after dok ruk rim tung. poor Fluke will be so tire because has to rush film and he get sick often too. my guess the reason they decided to air this lakorn fast can be that right now comedy lakorns are a hit such as ken+chompoo's lakorn. and the other two lakorns traa barb and malaisarmchai take a longer time to film. even though i rather they take their time to film because don't want Fluke to get sick but i'm happy it will air fast cause miss him a lot ^^

here is the link to the clip of Fluke and O interview with tvpool, Fluke talks about this lakorn air after O's lakorn at 2:29


sarNie Juvenile
i hope it's true. i'm really aniticipating to see pim and mos again. hopefully this one will be with a better storyline.


sarNie Adult
LOL-__-LOL.. i was looking at the picture of the opening ceremony on page 4. Saw fluke and gam mostly in the beginning. Then i saw a pix of an older guy. He was wearing a blue shirt that had RAFTING on it. He was also wearing sunglasses. I was scrolling down looking at the pictures and when his pix came up i was like OMG it's CHOW-YUN-FAT. Looked at the next pix, froze and then looked back at CHOW-YUN-Fat and asked myself, isn't he chinese. SO for like two second i believed he was Chow-yun-fat..LOL..That two second i forgot i was in the thai forum and reading up on mos and pim's lakorn. LOL.. It's telling me i need to get some sleep...But I can't wait for this one.. i want to see gam sing. She always have this huge smile on her face. Which i like can't wait. LOL!!!!


yeah, i'm glad this is airing soon. can't wait to see Fluke so much lol. and also the other casts too. the guy, Guy is pretty handsome XD
can't wait. Thanks Jakjann!!


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Oh man! I can't wait to see it! :D
Mos is so adorable! I miss him!!!!!
I do hope it airs soon! After DRRT for sure !

Thanks! :)