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is this old new or what?

Actor, Hyun Bin is dating Hwang Ji-Hyeon?

Sorry girls, but it looks like we can’t take our favorite star from My Lovely Kim Sam Soo, Hyun Bin to meet our parents this year. He’s officially taken off the market as he admitted dating actress Hwang Ji-Hyeon since the beginning of last year. They were spotted at a ski resort and other popular dating spots in Seoul together. So, who’s the lucky girl?

Hwang Ji-Hyeon started her career with various CFs, then she finally landed her debut acting role in a sit-com called Non-Stop3 in 2003. She played a minor role in Come Back Sunaessi last year and she’s currently preparing for her role in Witch Amusement, starring Han Ga-In.

It looks like she’s really benefiting from Hyunbin’s popularity- not only is she dating Korea’s favorite hottie, but she is now officially on the celebrity watch list. If people are talking dirt about her, it’s probably because they are all jealous. No girl in her right mind would give up a deal like Hwang Ji-Hyeon’s and if she did, please get her a doctor because she’s not thinking straight.

Hwang Ji Hyeon is working her way up to become the most hated celeb. Just being Hyunbin’s girl got the half the nation against her, but now she’s turning off those that were at least supportive of their relationship.

Finally, Hyunbin’s other half, Hwang Ji Hyeon started to talk about their relationship. When she was asked if they text each other frequently, she shly answered by nodding her head and saying a very soft yes. She also alluded to Hyunbin in her cyworld post.

"I’m thankful that you kindly tolerate everything…
I’m thankful that you ask me if somethings wrong when I sound upset…
And I’m glad that I have somebody like you…
Always having someone on my side, that’s love…
People are always thirsty for love because they know this…"
*translated by popseoul

Good thing that she’s thanking Hyunbin, because without him, she wouldn’t be getting this many CF offers from various advertisers.



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Well I hope the best for them, if they are dating she looks old in the first pic but I think she's gorgeous in the second one.


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i've never heard of this! she looked kinda old in witch amusement. anyhoo, best of luck to them! lucky gal indeed.


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I think i've seen him in a movie before but can not think what was the movie he was starred in?
Can anyone name all his movies?


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I think i've seen him in a movie before but can not think what was the movie he was starred in?
Can anyone name all his movies?
Snow Queen
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
spin kick
millionaire's first love
daddy long leg

well these are only a few i remember hehe xp ..


no i am not a fan of her. funny cause i never liked her or hate her from the beginning, so it doesnt matter to me if fans thinks i am jealous bc she is dating super hot hyun bin so there is my two baht on this. lmao


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Because i can't believe it, I check some informations about them and ask some people on other korean forum,
and they said me that he used to date with her but It's now over.
So my lovely Hyun Bin is still single !