Hyun Bin


sarNie OldFart
I saw him in MFL that was my first movie i saw of him then I saw MLSS gosh he chnaged so much. He didn't get my attention in MFL but in MLSS he did.. lol when i first saw i thought he wasn't cute/hot just okay but i rewatched it and yeah he's hot in there too.. lol i just didn't recognize that till after MLSS.. haha... he's so adorable, cute, hot! i love his dimples.. that makes him even cuter, lol! he's only been in a few movies/series i want to see more of him! such a great actor love his voice.. so hot! I think Hyun Bin and Jung Ryo Won (Kim Hee Jin from My Lovely Samsoon) are soooooooooo cute together I wished they had gotten each other they suit each other alot since they both look young. I hope that someday they will pair up together in another drama both being the male lead and female lead that would be a dream come true for me since Jung Ryo Won is my favorite actress!


sarNie Adult
yeah hyun bin is always hot...love him ever since he first debuted haha. and his dimples makes him even more attract haha. he match with all his girl but right now i am currently obsess with him and sung yuri. both of them did a really good job in snow queen.


sarNie Adult
He is my favorite korean actor !
He is so cute/hot and act so well that each time I forget his past role.