I don't mean to, but I love you


sarNie Egg
Mint Chalida
Mark Prin
James Ma
Yaya: Mint's sister
Nadech: Mark's brother

Mint & Mark met when they we're young. She was 16 & he was 18. She fell inlove with him instantly. Her love for him was so strong, that she gave up her precious flower to him.. Mark is no saint, he has been there & done that, & left many girls to suffer with regret. One day, Mint catches Mark cheating on her with his ex lover, Kimberly, who happens to be her cousin. What else could go wrong?

Chapter 1:

Yaya: Can't you get the hint? Im not interested in you, so please do me favor & leave me alone. ( Yaya hurrys her pace, & stops at her car. She reaches in her purse for her keys) Please tell me he left.. ( She whispers to herself)

Nadech: Not quite. ( He smirks) And I know your lying. No girls has ever turn me down. I mean, can you blame them? I cant. ( he laughs)

Yaya: Well I might just be that first girl ( She smirks) Your so full of yourself. ( She eyeballs him head to toe) Your not even that attractive. ( She shakes her head) Not even close to my type.

Nadech: I know my younger brother broke your sister's heart & thats why you are so hard to get & have trust issues. ( He grabs her hands) Im not like him, dont you see that?

Yaya: I... Have to go Nadech.

( Nadech grabs her by the waist & held her down her car. He looks at her for a split second & smashes his lips to hers. Yaya didnt stop it, in fact she kissed him back with much force. He moves his hand down her skirt, & made kisses toward her neck. Yaya suddenly pushed him off her)

Yaya: Dont do that again!

Nadech: ( Smirks) Now you'll remember that I was here ( He touches her lips, thighs, & neck). You'll crave for more. & you know where ill be.

( Yaya doesnt say anything, & just gets in her car. She drives away, leaving him in the parking lot with a satisfied smile on his face)


Mint: Rough day at work Yaya?

Yaya: Uhhhh, kind of.

Mint: Dont think I dont know..

Yaya: What are you talking about Mint?

Mint: Well for one, you have that look on your face.

Yaya: ( Looks in the mirror) What face?!

Mint: The face, like you just had a very hot make out and... ( Gets interrupted)

Yaya: Dont finish that sentence!

Mint: What a dirty mind you have there big sister! I was only going to say that you smell boyish, like boy perfume & judging by that he smells really good, which means hes cute! Who is he?!

Yaya: Nadech.. He kissed me and we kinda ( gets interrupted this time)

Mint: Prin? Nadech Prin? As in Marks brother?

Yaya: yeah, but I dont like him!

Mint: so you happened to just make out with him?

Yaya: Well hes hot, what can you say?!

Mint: ( laughs ) The PRINS brothers.. ( She shakes her head) I remember my experience with Mark & well.. Hes great. In bed too ( She smirks)

Yaya: Dont get me tempted! ( She throws her pillow at Mint)

Mint: Dont reject him because of what happened to me. Not all boys are the same. Maybe you should get to know him Yaya!

Yaya: ( blushes) I just might.. ( She smiles to herself)

Comment please, if I should continue! There will be more romance, & rated scenes! ( Maybe:*)