I hate it when...

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
when people come into your conversation when you don't even welcome them to do so.
when people think you are attracted them because you have them one glance and you only looked at them because their head was in the way.
when people rudely pick out your flaws.
when one minute they want you, the next when they see their friends, your history.
when people analyze your behavior right in your face.


sarNie Oldmaid
When people are rude to anyone in general
When people spend time hating anyone
When people are only tough behind the screen
When people don't act on their words
When people make you fall for them and then leave you all of a sudden
When people find out that you have a crush on them then they avoid you or end the friendship
When people are "experts" at being judgmental


sarNie Adult
When someone borrows my things and he or she doesn't put it back where they found it! Ugh makes me want to pull out my hair, because I have to go searching for the thing.. My sister does this to me all the time, makes me want to :fighting3:. Kidding :)


sarNie Egg
People who are lazy
When people would rather beg than work and then blame everyone else for their life
When elders would rather have you get married and have kids instead of finishing your education
When my mom's siblings in Laos call to beg for money and then use it on beer and gambling instead of bettering themselves
When my cousin ( who my parents pay rent on her beauty salon in Thailand and my parents financed her education) acts like a spoiled , ungrateful ass
---my parents , who are janitors, bought her a Coach bag and she refused to use it because it's not a $1,000 bag-------


sarNie Oldmaid
When people romanticize poverty, early marriages and unexpected/unplanned/pregnancies
When people are close-minded
When people are too immature
When people pressure you to be in a relationship, getting married and having kids like seriously there are more accomplishments in life than that
When they don't practice abstinence when needed
When you try to defend yourself but they don't believe you