Ignorance is Bliss? Yes or No?


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Depends on the situation, the context and the people ...

Arguing with your love one ... ignorance is good.
Fighting for equal rights ... ignorance is bad.
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I dislike acting ignorant while listening to them :).

I dislike reasoning with elders. For example, if you have good reasons to oppose them, they would still think they are always right & consider you as disobedient.

A K drama A Well Raised Daughter Hana that I have watched, the grandpa in there is so close minded that I think he is ignorant to not accepting the reality versus traditions. Traditions are made by humans & could be changed to conform with the time, place, society, people & etc.


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I don't really agree with the saying that ignorance is bliss. It really depends on the situation and the individual too. I think people should take the time to learn about what's going on in their community and the daily occurring events on this world, even if it doesn't affect them personally. People should try to accommodate to the changes of the world instead of avoiding the truth and being close-minded. Ignorance can be dangerous. What if your ignorance can be a bliss to happiness for someone? Trying to ignore the truth isn't going to change reality. It's still going to be there, waiting to be solved. People will continue to fight for justice, even if you choose to be ignorant to their cries and situation. Being ignorant doesn't give you long-term happiness. You'll only experience short-lived happiness. Helping the society (and family) and fighting what is right will give you happiness, because in the end it'll pay off. Hopefully. I mean, at least then you know that what you're fighting for is right. I once heard a pastor say, "Don't just step out of your comfort zone because it is easy to step back in. Instead, expand your comfort zone." It's better to know and be educated than to not know and be ignorant.

If you're talking to a children, for example, probably being ignorant is best depending on what was asked? Sometime they aren't able to comprehend things, but it doesn't hurt to explain as well. It really depends on the person and if they choose to be real or keep the child safe and innocent in this case.