Iron Man


sarNie Adult
whatever you do, sit and wait for the scene after the credit...
I told my friend we should wait, but she didn't want to so we didn't get to watch it and later we found out abotu it...

but yeah..
it was a pretty good movie, although, I wish the guy is a little cuter...


sarNie Hatchling
Yeah, it was good. And yes definitely wait till the end of the credit. Yes it's long and tedious, but you won't want to miss it.


sarNie Egg
ohh darn it didn't get to see the ending ending after the credits..........too many people...........i was wondering why would they end iron man like that.................. but the movie was awesome!!!!!


sarNie Adult
Yeah I was warned about the after credit scenes so I stayed put. I think someone already put it on youtube though. It's just a scene of Nick Fury talking about the Avengers. But overall I liked it when I didn't expect too. It was good.


sarNie Adult
Awesome movie and yea i stayed til the end credit and I'm waiting for that. Oh i heard that they are starting to put stuff after the credit someone stayed til the end and they got $1000 wish it was me.