Is there any way to reverse a black magic love spell???


sarNie Egg
Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum and I was hoping somebody might know if its possible to reverse a love spell.

I'd like to keep my situation as vague as possible so here it goes...
First of all I'd like to mention that I'm not a believer of black magic but only a few days ago I stumbled across something on the net about a Thai/Lao love spell that would forever make a man fall in love with a woman using menstral blood. I thought this was the most nasty(and absurd)thing I've ever heard and my buddies and I have a good laugh over it. As I did more research on this, it became clear that the beliefs of a powerful love spell truly exists and ppl from Lao/Thai take it very seriously.

My ex-girlfriend from 15 years ago was half Lao, half Thai. Her mother was Thai and this lady was a hardcore "researcher" on voodoo and fortune telling. She had this thick black book that she would worship like the holy bible. This book was honky huge and the text were all in fine print with some small diagrams and drawings on most of the pages. At the time I was only 20 and thought her mom sure devoting alot of time to such a useless "hobby". She did however read my fortune up about 8 years from the time of the reading with coincedental accuracy :-/ by reading my palms and face features? I was only dating the daughter for about 3 and a half years and was head over heals in love with this girl.

To keep from telling a long story, theres no doubt the parents wanted their daughter to marry me due to my family prominence and since her family were immigrants to Canada, held that so called status in very high regard. Her family often told their friends we were already engaged and not in a joking manner. If the mom truly believed a love spell exists and would work, its a certainty she would have cast the spell on me. They often lavished me with traditional food and soups when I was over.

When the daughter and I broke up, I was heartbroken and my life was turned upside down. I even dropped out of University and went down a different path in life. Thoughts of this girl pop in my head numerous times every day without fail for the last 15 years! This is simply ridiculous because I have zero intention of ever getting back together with such a money-hungry, superficial person. I've been in numerous long-term relationships and breakups over the past 15 yrs so I know what heartbreak feels like. And these daily thoughts my ex on a daily basis over this span of time are completely un-natural since I have no wish or desire to even see this girl again.

Like I mentioned earlier, I haven't heard of a Thai love spell until a few days ago and even if I had heard of such a thing, would have laughed at such a silly notion. Nevertheless, hypothetically speaking, I would like know if there is any way to reverse a love spell. Does anyone know how I might go about lifting such a spell??? I couldnt find anything on the net about it except that its suppose to last for life. Of course I definately dont want to ask my Mom or anyone I know in fear of sounding like a mental patient. lol

Any legitimate threads to my post would be much appreciated. Thx


sarNie Egg
I don't know man...maybe you should go see a person who do voodoo stuff and ask if he or she could help. They are the ones that knows about spell more than anyone else right.? I've also heard (from movie) that the only person who can remove a spell is the person who cast it. Good-Luck to you!


sarNie Granny
i think there's always a solution to every problem. once something starts there's always an ending to it. i've heard my mom say tat if any guy/girl were to cast a black spell/love spell on their partner it'll only hurt them in return. for example if a gal cast a spell on a guy, the guy would love the girl to death once she cast the spell but once they age, he'll start treating her bad..very bad i would say. my mom also told me that if a guy/gal use these elephant love potion it'll only last to a couple of months and there's a way to undo the spell. *which this happen to one of our cousin b4* the person who got spelled on would come to the front of their door step, quickly take off his/her shirt shake their shirt 3 time and wear it inside out and enters the house. n this case it only works 4 elephant potion but u said urs was a thai spell? i dunno how it'll work out, y dunt try asking a shaman to help n look at ur health. :) hopefully what i said make sense >.<


sarNie Adult
o man! thts crazy!!! one of my great aunts used black magic in her ex... but then idk if it really worked or not. i just heard my parents talkin bout it.


sarNie Juvenile
you can try woman menstrual from a virgin
cuz all black magic looses to s.t. purity
that's all i can recommend
but too bad I don't know the magic words
so i can tell you w/ it and rid you of your curse as you say


sarNie Adult
damnnn...i never heard of thai spell. and i dont even know why
girls these days are like that...putting spell on someone they are
head over heel for, they need o realize that, someday soon they
will get tired of seeing the same person in their face..
Good luck to you. U really need to go for a shaman.


Hm.. Well some girls are quite desperate when it comes to what they dont have yet desire. I've met some of them before and theyre really down right annoying. They only care about the person theyre after and its ridiculous how much theyre willing to give up along with her family. Ahh!! Gets me mad just thinking about it. I did research on voodoo a few years ago out of curiousity and i found out what there are some folks who can tell if you've been casted on a spell but leave this for the last straw. I would definitely recommend visiting the temple and get a blessing by the monks. If that doesnt work, go to an elder family member whom you trust and ask for help. Family is the best when youre in sticky situations.


sarNie Adult
your story is very interesting. I say that you should find a voodoo doctor or find a very very good shaman to help lift up the spell (if possible)

Good luck.


sarNie Egg
If you are Hmong then you should find a shaman Or someone that knows khaws koob. If you are Thai or Laotian then go to a monk. Either way I think most of these wear off if they arent used on you constantly, from what I hear.

Could it possibly be that you still love her even if you know she's bad for you. Like the good girls that falls for the bad guy. In your case the good guy falls for the b!tch.


Mrs. Kim Junsu
Why don't ask your parents for help? They might know somebody out there that knows how to do black magic. Good luck to you. You probably still in love with her.


so i was just wondering if you're still worrying about this issue. i live in stevens point and there is this one amazing uncle who lives here, he's a shaman, but he's different from all the others. he's very powerful i guess. he doesn't ua neeb exactly, but he uses his words and could make you feel better just by a single touch. whenever my family needs help we always go to him. my grandma is also a shaman and she had her training from him.


sarNie Egg
Hi muchaprechiated  :wink:
I'm not sure if your problem is solved by now, but for general purpose I write here a general answer for all concerned
Love Spells are not only black magic but also against Gods law, and will come back to those who practice black magic to bite them in their butt, sooner or later (in their next life).
A witch who misuses her powers must not be surprised if she gets raped either in this life or the next, because if we cannot get someone to love us without spell but we can with a spell, that means the witch took this persons God-given free will' away and forces herself onto that person. This is rape, even if the person enjoys 'being raped' at that time, because he is not aware that this spell has turned him into a zombie.
Some black witches may also dream of being raped by demons.
So beware: God is not asleep and the 'law of cause and affect' or 'as you saw so you reap' works continually, weather we believe it or not'
Love spells do not only last for this life but for all life's following that spell until they are removed.
Yes, they can be removed by a 'real white witch' using ONLY LOVE and LIGHT.  :yes:
Gods blessing
Simunye (means: we are one)    :thumbsup:
Hey, I'm thai and i heard some of the way to help you maybe this gonna works.
Wash your mom feet with the regular water and use that water to take a bath or to drink it, after that crawl under her both leg.If you don't want to try that wash the the black dog with the water and drink it or take a bath with it , be sure that dog have to be clean. This sound crazy but if you know how they make the love spell ,that more disgusting.  :dance1:


sarNie Egg
I feel your pain, because I have the exact same symptoms with a few others that I can add too it as well. So don't feel alone.  I am still feeling the affects as of today. I need to know if you have any recommendations on how to shake it off. I can't even get close to another female without my body feeling hot and stressed out. Some time when I am out with my girl I can't even  look at another female and I know there is something wrong with that picture, because I love looking at other females.
Need some help  


This is nuts and evil! But you wrote this years ago. I sure pray you are okay today. Remember God is always here with us! Pray to Him for He knows the desires of your heart! :)


sarNie Egg
Hello, I know you wrote this many years now? In my cultural, many of the people knows white magic, but a few of them know black magic; we also believe in spiritual, ghost and etc. but anyways if anyone feel like they are in a spell or anything, Try to walk under a rope where you hang our cloths. But make sure there women dress on the rope. I hope it can help anyone out there.



sarNie Egg
so i was just wondering if you're still worrying about this issue. i live in stevens point and there is this one amazing uncle who lives here, he's a shaman, but he's different from all the others. he's very powerful i guess. he doesn't ua neeb exactly, but he uses his words and could make you feel better just by a single touch. whenever my family needs help we always go to him. my grandma is also a shaman and she had her training from him.


sarNie Egg
Hi ,i don't know what to do, i think my husband is under a love spell from a girl in Laos and it won't stop .i have no one here to help me .the Laotian people i talked to won't help me or don't know how to help .i feel i am loosing my husband. I smell cigarette smoke all the time by or even in my house she texted him all the time every day, can you ask your uncle what i can do