Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Haha...So I am an old member of Sarnworld, who faded away a while back. I've been known elsewhere as rukD2B because I only came about due to my obsession with them. 
I've been gone due to the fact that I was running my own forum (D2B Spirit!), which I shut down; following that, I got married 5 years ago and had a baby. She is precious by the way & I just love her so much. <3

But sadly, about three months ago, on November 11, 2013...I got into a pretty messed up car wreck and was in critical condition. The cops were unable to identify my body but luckily, they tracked my license plate back to my husband and were unable to reach him as he wasn't home. I was under his insurance policy so they went to my parent's house and my brother was home so they informed him that I suffered injuries due to my wreck on my way to school (1-hour commute).
From there on, my brother contacted my husband who was on his way to see me when he drove by my wreck and his car started to die. He freaked out after he saw my car on the side of the rode because I had swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic and my car was terribly banged up as I drove a Civic and ran into an SUV. He had to pull over and get his car to start working again. When he finally arrived at the hospital, I was categorized as a 30-year old "FAN, TRAUMA" because they couldn't identify me. (I am 22 by the way, LOL!)

I have been in the ICU for a month due to my broken left thigh, broken right ankle, broken left arm, and shattered left-side facial fracture. The doctors couldn't get my airway to let air through properly so they were ready to give up on me and just cut my throat to insert a trachea in me. Either that or just give up, but when they removed all the breathing equipment, I started to breathe on my own. When I finally came to, I had suffered from a brain contusion also so my brain was not functioning properly. I could do math but aside from that, my memory suffered a lot of trauma. I couldn't remember anything up until November 3, my daughter's birthday (a whole week prior to the wreck). In addition, I pushed away my husband because I was afraid that he would no longer want me since he would now have to babysit me since I couldn't do anything for myself anymore. It took four days before I finally gave in and accepted the fact that he chose not to abandon me during all this. 

Everyone from my side of the family, including my husband's side, plus the people I never would've thought of, came to visit me at the hospital once they heard about me. When I finally started to remember was about a month and a half after the wreck. The first thing I thought of was whether or not my baby was in the car with me and my husband relieved me by assuring me that she was not in the vehicle. I missed her so much and was terribly upset that I had gone missing from her life for over a month. She is my first child so I am extremely clingy. I cried over not getting to spend more time with her and wanted terribly to go home to her. My parents helped bring her to visit me but by the time she was allowed to see me...She had forgotten about me. =(
She is still warming up to me now, as she still prefers her daddy over me. I guess...When one parent goes missing out of the blue, you have to feel like the one you've got is all you have left to hold on to. As a result, she has become extremely attached to my husband. When I try to hold her, she gets extremely confused as though I look like her mommy but I look slightly different since I have an ugly scar on my face. She tries to pick at it all the time.

My dad fainted when he was let in to see me. The orthopedic doctors had tied drilled holes into my left leg and hooked a weight onto it to stretch my leg out before they performed surgery on it to re-attach my limbs. He fainted when he saw that my face was all messed up, I had a brace on my arm, my right ankle was wrapped up, and a weight was attached to my left leg. My parents have asked for prayers for me at work, reached out to relatives to do rituals to keep my spirit and I safe, and even to religious churches to pray for me. All the doctors who operated on me expressed their shock at how fast I was recovering; they had expected me to be released after three months but I came out about a week after a month from my wreck.

I had finally woken up after weeks and though I could not remember anything, I was transferred to a rehabilitation center so that therapists could help me to talk again and work my legs.
Overall, I would have to express my gratefulness at being able to remain alive after this tragedy; it is a blessing to be able to come back and still be by my daughter's side and watch her grow. When I first woke up, I insisted that I was only dreaming a nightmare and I could somehow wake up. My husband assured me it was not a dream, that it had been going on too long to be a dream anyway. I guess you could say, that today I have finally accepted the fact that it is not a dream. In conclusion, I am still bound to a wheelchair and not walking yet, but hopefully I will get there soon. I really want to be able to walk again so I could feel normal; I hate the wheelchair with a passion. I would never wish this tragedy upon anyone else and if anyone is going through the same thing...Have faith and don't lose hope. I wish you all the best. I was a terrified driver; even after high school when my parents urged me to take the wheel and drive for myself, I feared it and never took the chance until just a few months before my wreck when my husband and I moved home and I had to commute. I would say I was about four months into my driving when I wrecked. I can't seem to get over it. I keep telling my friend that if I had just some little memory about it, about what caused me to wreck...Then I would finally be able to accept that this is life, this is reality, this is real and it really happened. I feel like...Maybe I died and my spirit is refusing to leave so I'm still lingering, watching my life pass me by? Either that or this is just a horrible nightmare. Now that I am stuck at home, had to drop from all my college courses, I am bored to the max. I killed all my favorite TV shows on Netflix and now I have nothing to do. =(

I have lost some of my favorite CDs that were in my car, PLUS I lost my daughter's carseat, her stroller, and my phone. I would have to say that I have got some terrible luck. Regardless, I wish the best to you all! In addition, I would like to thank Lek and Muddie for taking time to come visit me at the hospital. Thank you both so much for keeping up with me and asking about my well-being. <3


sarNie Adult
Thank you for this miracle. Truly. I think you've got all the luck in the world because suddenly you woke up and recover quickly! You got a lot of loving and caring people. That's nice. About your daughter and everything I think time is needed. Although I don't know you I'm glad that you are fine! Welcome back to AF! 


sarNie Adult
I applaud you for being a strong women with powerful spirit to be who you are today. Especially to share this magnificence and extreme experience of yours. It takes a lot of courage and level of stages to be able bring out a memory that may be hurtful. I am glad to know that you are still here with us and presently involve in AF for there is thousands of us and although we may not know one another at a certain level hearing off a loss member makes us dishearten. However, to know you had great support and love to be with us presently it brightens our heart. I am also a old member here that comes time to time. When asked how old is consider how old of being an old member of AF, I can say the first registration into AF or formly Sanworld can define how long ago we were apart of AF, Haha. In addition, much love to D2B. Again, thank you for sharing this experience of yours and I hope to see you around more often.


Staff member
Bless your soul.  It's truly a miracle that you're now safe and sound after that accicident.  It's truly a blessing, I'm really glad for you.  Don't feel down, even if it may take time with your recovery.  Just know that your loved ones will always be there by your side.  You are truly a strong woman!  Keep at it.  Thank you for sharing your emotional touching story with us, we're glad to see you back again.  Glad to hear that some members came to visit you too.  Even if we're old or new members, we are in the end.. a family :)  (It's never too late to get to know one another :3)
I'll be praying for your speedy recovery and good health.  God bless to you~~~.


sarNie Adult
Wow what a tragic accident. Glad to hear that you are slowly recovering now. Yes you are very lucky and you should never doubt your husband's love. If he didn't love you he would not stay with you for that long you should think on the bright side that you have your daughter and you have so many other family members out there who care about you very much. May you recover soon and luck is always on your side ! :yes: