Janie's Interview


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Don't tell me that Janie is a main actress and Benz is supporting one.

I love both, but more to Benz....


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I'm just so IN LOVE with Tye at the moment.. how old is he anyways? I'm been catching up on his old lakorn that I forgot to watch.. watching the one with him and Paula at the moment.. he is just SO HOT!! Can't wait to see him.. and I don't mind Janie.. as long as he doesnt pair up with anyone I dislike.. and which Benz are you guys talking about???


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okay supposely its a serious drama and benz play the bad nang ek again :D i think benz is the only actress that can be nang rai and nang ek at the same time and still maintain the nang ek status..she already has another lakorn with Tv Scene and i think shes gonna be nang rai in that lakorn too..good for her!..

Edit: actually this is the same lakorn from Tv Scene that has benz in it..the director wanted to choose a new face nang ek from ch3 that they havent worked with before..also this is gonna be a 36th year Anniversary girft for ch3 fans..its gonna air at the end of the year..


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hrmmm cant wait to see janie and Tye on screen sounds interesting!


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this seems exactly like the same thing kob went thru. i don't get why the exact same story is coming up again. i guess it's bc janie is becoming more famous now and there's bad publicity against her.

plus, i would like to see which interview she gave that could have sparked this debate


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:loool: Ridiculous! And why does anyone believe anything posted at that site?

Gosh...don't u know that the actress at the center of this horrible rumour which resulted in causing a major anti-Thai riots across the streets of Phnom Penh years ago, was Kob NOT this Janie! In the end it was proven that Kob did not say such a thing and the whole furore was erupted with a number of people with dark political agenda behind them spreading those rumours around. One of them, a popular radio DJ in Phnom Penh was sentenced to a small fine! Which just proves how lax the system of law and justice is in Cambodia! I mean afterall the riot costed Thai companies with presence in Cambodia with millions of dollars in damages not to mention that an innocent Thai man was burned to death while sleeping in a Thai-owned hotel!

The whole mess was finally resolved when the government of Cambodia led by Hun Sen, the man who was ultimately responsible for orchastrating the whole riot which happened just few weeks before the election, agreed to pay compensation to Thai companies whose property and assets were damaged and offered half-hearted apology to Thai government...

I am just telling u that this was not a rumour BUT a real event that happened in 2003...and I am wondering where on the earth have u been all this time?



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I find it stupid. I know the ancient fued between these two countries but seriously, i dont understand why some people are that stupid. I was born in Thailand, but am Khmer. I can't get my head around it...i remember my cousins in cambodia looking at me weird for being so INLOVE with lakorns (and this was only a couple of years ago). lol

I dont want things like this to be brought up again. Rumours can be taken way out of proportion.

Mara Phang

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Rumors could fly out of proportions, but those who believe in them should at least find proven facts or documentations to verify their statements. I'm Cambodian and these rumors are meaningless to me. It doesn't make me dislike Janie in any way. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Thanks for sharing, everyone.


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everyone has a history. I think hatred should go away. If we want to get even then there's chaos. Look at what happened to the Native Ams. All i kno is dat most thai peeps hate Cambo and most Cambo hate thai in their countries, not so wit USA. Its more personally than outer perspectives!!!