Jessica H.O.


Yunho's GF~*
Jessica Ho aka Ho Hyun Joo

Name l Jessica H.O
D.O.B l 17 décembre 1988
Height l 165 cm
Weight l 44 kg
Education | River Dell High School -> Korea Kent Foreign School
Goal(목표) | Succeed!
Hobby(취미) | Singing, Dancing, Eating, Shopping
IQ(지능) | 137
Religon(종교) | Christian
Sports(운동) | Jogging
Ugly(못난 점) | legs

Music l R&B, Hip Hop
Favorite Artists l Namie Amuro, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Drunken Tiger, T

She is 17 so do I :mellow:
I like her songs but they r similar to someone
but I dun recall who, I know it's french artist LOL
Positive point :: she can sing in english, her accent is perfect !!


sarNie Hatchling
wow she's onli 17. im that age too! cool! she can really sing and she's pretty too. thx for sharing^_^


sarNie Juvenile
out of all the pictures I like her best on the recent inkigayo well from last week. She looks sooo pretty naturallly you know. Since usually her eyebrows are like almost one line and hella dark looks like drawn and like those typical AzN ppL. lol.


sarNie Egg
I'm sorry but can someone upload her music agian. Thanks. Do any of you notice that these many young artists is coming out? I was just like wow.