Jonny Olsen, a 28-year-old former semipro skateboarder who plays a khaen


sarNie Adult
i heard his songs they are nice. it's good to hear someone from another culture enjoys and value our culture. if he practice more and more he'll be a great singer. his khanh is great already.


sarNie Adult
I actually went to a huge birthday party not too long ago, and he was there. He's really good LOL :lol:
You could tell he felt kind of awkward though hehe.
I also have his CD and it's pretty good for a non-laotian :D


sarNie Elites
oh dang, that dude is really cool! i mean, it's weird enough to see a regular white dude play something like a khaen, but to see a YOUNG, EX-SKATER really take a stab this is truly bizarre.


sarNie Adult
lol That's such a trip.
What I wanna know is where he learned to play it in the first place?
Does he know a lot of Lao people?


sarNie Adult
He said that he had a khon lao friend and worked part time at a thai/lao resturaunt then it hit him one day that he wants to learn the language more so he went to laos to visit. he find himself loving the country, people and music so then it began...


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W-O-W is all I have to say. The Khaen is a really hard instrument to master too. I've tried've really gotta have lung power for that. Man...I feel so insignificant compared to this guy and I'm a real Laotian LOL!!!


sarNie Egg
He performed at the temple I went to in July && my mom has this vcd...I was scared because he's actually very good at playing the khaen. Hehh xD


sarNie Juvenile
I met Jonny on July 4th!! at Wat Lao Buddhavong. He was pretty nice in person. Even observing him when he wasn't surrounded by crowds, he seem very humble, and smily. I'll put up pic if I get a chance. He's so tall.