Jonny 's Fan


sarNie Adult
I'm a Johnny fan. Liked him eva since I was a kid. He's cute and I luv watching his lakorns :p .


I'm a Johnny fan as well but my favorite oldie are Sarunyu and Sam....but I also love johnny and Chatchai...definitely grew up watching them...and oh oh Off Pongpat

Mara Phang

sarNie Adult
I've been a long-term fan of Johnny Enfone. I adore his great looks and talents. He was my number 1 p'ek for like two decades until Por Thrisadee Sahawong came along!! LOL. Johnny is still on the top of my list, though. He's now my #2 favorite of all the p'eks!! I love him...When I admire someone, my love is unconditional...LOL.


sarNie Adult
Johny first lakorn i ever watched was when i lived in Thailand....i remember i was just a kid.....lolz
i believe it called "Keng Leng Jai" and Got Jaklapun also in it. :)

i know he's a great actor...but i don't really interest in him. s

for those older p'eks......i have to admit that i love p'tang saksit, Sarunyoo and Chatchai more. :lol:


sarNie Adult
I love watching his lakorns. Most of them are all good. I admire his talent.


sarNie OldFart
That's very true what you said Sarn :D Jonny is the only old old generation praek I actually like other than him I have no interest in any :p hehe.


Xtreme sarNie
can i know if there is any where to watch some of his old lakorn especially the one with noi. i being looking for it everywhere. pls let me know thank


Today I watched his drama with Joy S. NANG EYE until the end...I must say he was really handsome and smart (still today) miss him!!! Want to see him on screen again!!!