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Real Name Johnny Enjoney
Nick Name Johnny
Birthday January 28, 1964
Height 172 cm
Weight 60kg
Nationality Thai/Filippino/German
Star Field Actor/Host
Status Married to Jariya [actress]
Adress 14 Soi 3 M.Seri
Huamark Bangkapi
Bangkok 10250


Family Born from a Filipino musician and a Thai-German mother
Love Johnny never knew Jariya until they were paired to play a drama together, Having worked together, the couple developed an affinity, which blossomed into love. Two years later, they walked the aisle of love! Now they have two sons,James and Jamie and a daughter, Jean, the family has taken up residence in Ram-Intra vicinity.

Debut At 16 years, while accompanying his Mom to a shopping center, a scout persuaded him to pose for magazines. Greeted with an overwhelming success, Johnny was then given opportunities to star in numerous TV commercials. Subsequently, he joined the famous band "Grand EX" as a keyboard player and stayed for 3 years. When Johnny turned junior, Kantana Company recognized in him the spark of stardom and consequently handed him a role in one of its horror series - Miti Mued (The Dark Realm).

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sarNie Adult
Thanks for sharing, Sarn. It's so nice of you to have a page on Johnny Enfone. I've been trying to find info and pictures on him and his wife for years, but I couldn't find any resources. Johnny and Jariya has been the love of my life for the past two decades!! I admired all their work and talents. Not to mention, they are the perfect real life couple!! I hope you will post as many photos and share as many info as you can. I will keep checking for new updates. I love the two...


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thank for sharing the informatioln sarN. Never knew he was Filipino mixed with German and Thai.


sarNie OldFart
Waa he's already 43 :( But I think he still looks pretty young only look like he's 30 years old you know.. he doesn't look as old as that Nok Chatchai.


wish still someday he will come back and act a drama again :>.<: