Jun Tah Koh Lope


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I've been looking for that lakorn too. It's been a while since I've seen it. Does anyone know how I can look it up on here and watch it?


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hey BaBeeLaiLai remember me we was tradeings movies.. .. hehe wells im soo sorry that my jun to kolope set is not good.. soo we couldnt trade..

wells heres my summery... u paying me for writing soo much.. ahahah j/k

wells its starts out wen prince jun tokolope was in the woods.. practicing his powers with his umm.. class mate?? cause they was like learning powers with this old guy in the woods(Ruer See)

wellls the Ruer See gave juntokolope a bottle.. and he told juntokolope not to open it until he gets to his kingdom.. but juntokolope was curious so he open it .. a girl name Mora came out.. juntokolope fell in love with her at first sight.. and took her as his wife.. .. sooo while juntokolope and mora traveled back to to juntokolopes kingdom.. a thief that leaves in the woods.. trys to rob juntokolope for his wife.. soo.. they fighted.. and juntokolope swords felled.. and he screamed for mora to pass him the sword.. but mora accidently pass the sword to the theif.. and the thief killed juntokolope and took mora to become his wife..

the ruer see.. came to get juntokolope body and spirit.. and gave hims a second life.. juntokolope is mad at want his wife did to him.. but the ruer see said.. karma will get to her.. and it did.. her new husband.. left her.. cause he was afraid that she would kill him and leave him for another guy.. just like she did to juntokolope..

then she accepted to be a eagles wife.. cause she wanted to eat the meat he had.. but the eagle turned out to be the ruer see..the ruer see said.. that her heart.. think only of herself.. and blah blah blah.. the ruer see turn her to a monkey...

then the ruer see went back to juntokolope and tells him its time for him to go.. and he has to go the way the ruer see told him too. too. meet someone...

as always.. juntokolope being curious again. and went that way.. and went down to the see and meet.. a beautiful dragon princess. who became his wife.. ..

blah blah blah... thats all for now.. im tired of typing
I just want to add a little bit more if that's okay with you.

Pra ek met nang ek and so he took her back to his kingdom. On their way back to his kingdom, they were sleeping and then this lady yak (giant) came by to see who was sleeping under the tree. When she saw Pra ek, she really like him cuz he's handsome so she threw nang ek into the water. Then she transform herself as nang ek and when pra ek woke up. He took the yak girl with him. He asked his soldiers to carry his wife on the what-you-might-call-it (a seat where kings/queens/prince/princess sit and the soldier carry the seat on their shoulder)

Yeah well, the yak girl sat on the seat and the soldiers tried to carry her. She was so heavy that they couldn't. Pra ek said why they can't carry her so at the end, she had to walk just because she was too heavy (dis was the funny part for me)

The same characters that acted in Bla Boo Thong are in here if you guys are wondering who the nang ek is. It's Sanonoi from Sanonoi Ruengngarm.


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how weird i was just watching that bit just den...we taped it a cople of years back...i really want to see it again....i mite get it from sarn cause the film finish when her kid was born ....buh rite now im so broke....


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This lakorn is overall good even though it drag with the giant lady. Junthakorop is an interesting character and his son Junthawong. The story is kind of like BlaBooTong, because the n'ek would have two character, one is real and the other is the giant lady pretending to be her.

I like the scene when Junthakorop spend time with the Dragon wife and his son. The scenes are cute.

Upload by Taliewliew

Junthakorop Youtube link


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i remember this boran! the yak lady put the n'ek in her ring. that was my fave part that i remember. lol


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This boran was one of my faves. I guess I like everything Boy is in. Hehe. Anyways, in the beginning, the Reursee gave Juntakolope the bottle as a prize for passing his lessons. It was a gift that if he made it home without opening the bottle, then he will have lots of luck and his kingdom will be wealthy and a perfect wife. Instead of listening to the Reursee, his curiosity overtook him and he opened the bottle and that's why Mora brought him bad luck and he got killed. Basically Mora would have been perfect if he waited, but because he opened the bottle, she was a sinner.