Ken Phupoom & Esther Supreeleela (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL vol.12 no.140 January 2014)


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Seriously their post are so cute and so lovely, like a real coulpe!!! Ikr, ch.3 should at least prmote Esther to n'ek status :)


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Awww the one with Ken carrying Esther is by far the most candid and romantic photo! Beautiful!


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Oh, you didn't get the photo of them on the bridge? :eek: That one is my favorite. :yes: Perfect shot and beautiful picture. :wub: They actually don't have a lot of chemistry on the cover picture and in most of the photos to me, but they're still cute. My second favorite one is the one of Ken carrying Esther. :spin: The location/scenery is breath-taking! :faint: Not fond of the dark lipstick on Esther, but she still looks good. :) Ken looks so handsome and cute in this shoot! :thumbsup: