Ken Theeradeth and Noi Bussakorn (REAL PARENTING vol. 8 no. 98 April 2013)


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oh... his mushroom bowl style haircut.. hehe.. they're such a cute family! but where's the other son :p
but yes, n'khun looks just like his mama! :)


OMG!~ Now I know who their son resembles, well his mamma of course, BUT he reminds me of Yeo Jin Goo from the Kdrama The Moon That Embraces the Sun! When I first looked at him I was like "he looks like someone..?" Haha.


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Really heart-warming and adorable cover, but...urgh, I'm not fond of the bowler haircut. :facepalm: Their son would be even cuter with a cleaner hairstyle. :yes:
Penelope said:
Wow, their son looks exactly like Noi.
I second that! Yet, I can see Ken in him, too. :lol2:
YinGgyTASTIC said:
whow. Kids grow up fast lol
They do, don't they? :)