khmer dubbed thai, chinese and korean


sarNie Egg
Hello! I'm a new member Ive been looking for classic Thai series and classic Chinese series for long time
I was wondering do you have(DUBBED IN KHMER):

Jong paw clang clai Jeviey clang chite.1980's Starring Savitree Samipak

The smoke gas house Starring Liu Xue hua

My deaf Wife Starring Liu Xue hua

I'm hoping to buy they s Golden classic series.
Please reply THANK YOU.


sarNie Oldmaid
you can have the thai serie at ekomsantime. you should pm to katiya, ekomsantime is one of her friend and she could help you.


sarNie Egg
i'm actually selling khmer dubbed thai, chinese, korean, khmer movie and music. so if anyone like to buy any movie just lemme noe and i'll see if i have it. the thing is i have sooooo many dat i can't imagine where to start. hehehe oh btw i'm also selling perfume.. :D and other items. basically if u want to buy something..lemme know .. i'll c wat i have. thx for checking out my post. :wub:

Korean Series
Full House
Autumn in My Heart
All In
Jewel in The Palace
My Girl
Stained Glass
Sad Love Story
Sunshine of Love
Hello do you have a Chinese series dubbed in Khmer called The Legend Of Chor Lau Heung staring Adam Cheng and Cynthia Khan 1995?. I want that one do you have it?.