Kim Hee Sun


sarNie OldFart
She's so pretty ang gorgeous she has a very nice when she sings also. I adore her. She was my first fav. korean actress.. lol I think she is prettier than most of the other actresses.


She is! I would say she's one of my favorites along with Choi Ji-woo (Na'ek from Stairway to Heaven).
I was watching "Forever Yours" Kim did with Ryu Shi Won (He's such a hottie!) and it's so sad; they're so cute together!
Also, I'm trying to find the drama they did together called "Propose", but it seems to be nowhere. :( Help?



Does anyone have the K-drama called "Propose: The Color White (KBS)" starring Kim and Ryu Shi Won?

I saw the Hmong-dubbed, but I never got the chance to finish it. Now, I want the full K-drama w/subs.


sarNie Hatchling
I love Kim Hee Sun! Her daughter is so cute too! She has chubby cheeks! Check it out below. Her husband, not in this picture, looks similar to Wu Chen. :thumbsup: