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❤All that you are is all that I'll ever need❤
God dam! Thank you for keeping this tread so much alive! Thank you for updating us with many beautiful photo of our girl, Kimmy Kimberley Ann Voltemas.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KIMBERLEY been a while i didn't pup here but still the memories of the journey with me we grow things happen but we keep memories with us , 7 years and 4 months since i crossed vdo in YT introducing me to kim when she was 20 now she turns 28 woooow and know what she still have that charm she still have that magical aura and she still my number one actress across the world she is a fun human/star and i cn only hope she always stay the human/star she is charming friendly an easy going with health and strength happy birthday to one of the most charming women ever :icon12:


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ตีท้ายครัว | คิมเบอร์ลี แอน เทียมศิริ | 8 เม.ย. 61 | Full

cr. YT chennel NGOA TV

Translated to English by google translate. made some changes by me , maybe have some errors.

Translated from: Kimmy-Kimberley-CF in weibo
2018-4-17 17:19


00:08 Aor: Let's talk about the TV series. Kom Faek.
00:12 Ard: Oh...
00:13 Aor: Have you watch it?
00:14 Ard: I haven't watch it yet.
00:15 Aor: I want to play the clip for you to see.
00:17 Ard: Could you play it?
00:18 Aor: Play it, watch it first. Take my phone to play it. But then, Kim is very beautiful.
00:24 Ard: Everyone says that Kim is beautiful.
00:26 Aor: Yes, Mark is also. To Kim’s house to record the show today, definitely have to ask about the love thing.
00:32 Ard: Yes, let's reveal it in advance. Now we are on the way to Kim's home, the heroine of Kom Fack.
00:36 Aor: Very Hi-So.
00:37 Ard: N'Kimberley.
00:39 Aor: But...
00:39 Ard: what?
00:40 Aor: you can’t watch it, I ran out of data on my phone.
00:42 ( text) out of data!!
00:43 Aor: It should be my child took my phone playing it all day.

00:45 Ard: feel depressed. Fortunately, today I am driving this car, you don’t have to worry about. This car has a special remote sensing system that gives us a lot of convenience.
00:55 Aor: What is a remote sensing system?
00:56 Ard: Look at this screen. Remote sensing system is the GPS system of the car.
01:03 Aor: Wow, great. Very fashionable, very convenient.
01:06 Ard: yes. Women don't have to worry about it.
01:09 Aor: really.
01:12 Aor: Those two people...About the two hosts...
01:15 Ard: They said that they will meet us directly there.

01:38 Ard: She asked us to meet here.
01:39 Aor: Don't say which floors she lived on .
01:43 Aor: Our beautiful girl.
01:44 Ard: definitely.
01:45 Aor: It must be Kim.
01:46 Ard: N’Kim .
01:49 Kim: Wait , wait. Sa wa di ka.
01:52 (text) Turn off the machine first...
01:54 Kim: Wait a minute , how to turn it off? Oops!
01:57 (text) Help, I can't turn it off.
02:02 (text) Has she really exercised ?
02:04 Ard: OK, finally done. Sa wa di ka, N’Kim.
02:08 Kim: Sa wa di ka.
02:10 Aor: You are running early in the morning?
02:12 Kim: Yes.
02:13 Aor: Do you run every day before work?
02:14 Kim: If the work is not too early, I will come to run.

02:20 Ard: Can't stop exercising. Have you been fat before?
02:23 Kim: Yes.
02:24 Ard: What is the heaviest weight?
02:26 Kim: um.. (Kim is thinking)
02:27 Ard: Not yet. (Aor said a number)
02:28 Kim: Who will want me, hahaha.
02:32 Ard: Have you ever taken diet pills? Just lose weight with the wrong way.
02:35 Kim: Yes, then I want to share it with you, just like a case. That time I was still young, I had a period very anxious and wanted to lose weight. Then go to eat diet pills. Eaten the diet pills and you don't feel hungry, then let you excrete.
02:52 Ard: Just like the ordinary diet pills on the market.
02:53 Kim: Yes, it made me feel arrhythmia. Then I went to the bathroom all day. Even fainted in the bathroom.
03:00 Aor: Oh~
03:00 Kim: Yes, then the broken glass was scattered in the bathroom, and Dad had to kick in the bathroom door to come in. Since that time, I stopped eating these diet pills.

03:08 Kim: P’Num, Sa wa di ka..
03:09 Num: Do you want to add some sugar? to add some sugar, she is exercising!
03:14 Kim: No, I must exercise.
03:16 Num: Exercise more and then eat more?
03:18 Moddam: Kim is slimming down. What is your weight now?
03:21 Kim: Now is 54 kg.
03:23 Num: Aor, what’s your weight at thinnest time? Is that is your lightest weight?
03:26 Aor: Are you crazy? I was very thin, 48 kg. That’s too thin. But as a star, you must be thin.
03:34 Ard: Now you are too big.
03:35 Num: Are you 68 kilograms now?
03:36 Ard: It’s too fat now.
03:38 (text) Why are you so cruel to me...

03:40 Moddam: Say hello to the audience first.
03:43 Aor: Say hello to the audience again.
03:44 All: Sa wa di ka.
03:44 (text) Aor Ard Num Moddam
03:46 Moddam: Welcome everyone to Teetaikrua. A variety show that doesn't take the usual path. We have been to Kim's house.
03:52 Ard: Yes.
03:53 Num: The house is very beautiful.
03:54 Kim: Our houses are close.
03:55 Moddam: How come want to live here?
03:56 Kim: I just bought this apartment.
03:58 Ard: How long have you lived here, N’Kim?
04:40 Kim: I just moved here for two days.
04:03 (text) just moved in
04:03 Moddam: Only two days.
04:04 Num: Then why buy a house here?
04:06 Kim: Uh, I have talked with P'Anne.
04:10 Moddam: Anne Thongprasom.
04:11 Kim: Yes. Then P'Ann said it was time to buy an apartment , have grown up.
04:16 Aor: Why? Can Ann get the agency fee?
04:18 Kim: She is very happy (live here).
04:19 Kim: I also thought about it... (Kim turned and said to Aor)
04:19 (text)I also secretly thought about it!
04:21 Kim: In fact, P'Ann feels very happy to live here, and want me to live comfortably too.

04:26 Moddam: We bring a gift to Kim. In addition to maintaining a good body, you must also maintain your gums and teeth. A Thai brand toothpaste. This is a healthy toothpaste that can take care of our gums. Reduce tooth stains, fresh breath, eliminate bad breath.
04:45 Num: The most important is that having a healthy tooth, then can have a healthy body. K'Aor , please.
04:51 Ard: To Kimmy.
04:53 Kim: Thank you.
04:54 Moddam: So Kim is going to go upstairs to change clothes?
04:56 Kim: Yes.
04:57 Moddam: Let's wait a moment and then go to see N'Kim's new apartment. Why are so many stars living in this apartment?
05:01 Kim: Yes.
05:02 Moddam: OK, Let her go to change clothes first. Go, go, go.


sarNie Adult
05:04 Ard: Now we are going to Kim’s home upstairs.
05:06 Moddam: Take the room card.
05:07 Ard: you also have it?
05:09 Num: Do you have a husband to live here?
05:10 Moddam: Take it first.
05:12 Aor: Do you like to have a husband to live here?
05:15 Moddam: If have a husband lives here, then maybe don't have to work. He must be rich.
05:19 Ard: No, still have to work.

05:31 Moddam: Meddlesome.
05:33 Ard: Why are you care him so much?
05:34 (text) Meddlesome...
05:36 Aor: Why are you asking him so much? Do you live here?
05:42 Num: I want to know what can be eat, give me a menu.
05:44 Moddam: Fluke Glekpon (famous Thai Star) also lives here.
05:47 Aor: Is it?
05:48 Ard: Yes.

05:57 Num: (Knock on the door) Mark.
05:58 (text)Mark
06:00 Kim: Here, I saw them.
06:03 Aor: Still not let us in.
06:05 Kim: Please come in, Sa wa di ka.
06:07 Ard: meet again.
06:08 Num: Aor knocked at the door and shouted Mark Mark.
06:12 Kim: He is not here.
06:13 (text) shirk fault to me
06:14 Num: He is not here. Say that, be careful of being scolded.
06:18 Aor: I told you ...(Point to Num)He said it first.
06:20 Num: Come in, come in.
06:21 Moddam: just moved in and lived for two days.
06:23 Kim: Yes, two days. All are brand new.
06:26 Aor: Is it a finished house or decorated by yourself?
06:29 Kim: Decorated by myself.
06:30 All: Decorated by yourself?
06:31 Kim: Yes.
06:32 Num: All of them ?
06:33 Kim: Almost a year.
06:34 Num: A year.
06:35 Ard: oh, bought 1 year and then decorated.
06:37 Kim: Yes.
06:37 Num: what is this?
06:39 Kim: This is a shoe cabinet.
06:41 Num: Oh, can open it ? Open it.
06:44 Kim: P'Num try to open it yourself.
06:45 Num: OK.
06:46 Kim: Ah! ( Kim hurry forward and press and open it.)
06:48 Num: Oh, have to press down, but I open it outwards.
06:51 Kim: I know that P'Num can't open.
06:52 Aor: Come see, take a look.
06:55 Moddam: How many bedrooms?
06:56 Kim: Two rooms.
06:57 Num: All are cabinets.
07:00 Num: What is this?
07:02 Kim: This is the bathroom, the bathroom for the guests.
07:04 Num: Can I have a look?
07:05 Kim: Yes.
07:05 Num: Anyway, We already came to N'Kim's home, have to visit it all.
07:07 Aor: The bathroom is very beautiful.
07:09 Kim: I have already sorted it out, you can look anywhere.
07:12 Moddam: Did Mark help with the design?
07:14 Kim: I have asked him to help, because I don't want to decorate the house too feminine. I know I am very feminine and I am start tiring for that.

07:25 Ard: But I heard that N' Kim is ... the sister of Moddom.
07:29 Aor: Why?
07:30 Ard: The symptoms are similar.
07:32 Moddam: believing the Feng Shui.
07:35 Kim: have a little bit .
07:37 Aor: How is it ?
07:38 Kim: That are horses, have to run out, but can't run out in the direction of the house door, and then it must be two horses.
07:45 Num: Wait a minute, the horse has to run out, but can't run out of the door of the room. How can the horse run out?
07:49 Kim: It means to spend money out , must make money in frist. Then there must be two horses. If one, will be lonely.
07:56 Moddam: Who told you this?
07:58 Kim: Great master.
07:59 Moddam: Great master.
08:00 Num: P'Ard said it was bad, The horse at his home is running in the direction of the door.
08:03 Ard: Running in the direction of the door.

08:05 Moddam: Why did you choose to move here?
08:06 Kim: Except for P’Anne’s suggestion, I have been watching this apartment several times before.
08:11 Kim: I have seen this apartment for almost three years.
08:14 Kim: When I went to see the apartment in other places, saw various rooms, but still the room in this apartment is more suitable.
08:21 Kim: There were foreigners renting this room before. The real owner of the house is also a foreigner.
08:27 Kim: Then I thought ... what should I do? I really want this room, but the price is a bit expensive.
08:32 Num: Have you seen other places?
08:33 Kim: Yes, I also went to see apartments in several places. P'Ann said or else bought this room, the scenery outside is beautiful.
08:40 Kim: Then I went to talk to the landlord. The landlord has the same name as my father.
08:47 Num: Same as Dad's name?
08:48 Kim: Yes, and he is a lawyer like my father.
08:51 Kim: I think ... it must be a signal.
08:56 Kim: Ah, this room may be mine.

08:59 Num: Is there any choice in the color of the room? Why Choose this color?
09:03 Kim: There is nothing special about this, but I was born on Wednesday, then black is the best.
09:09 Kim: Will not choose pink.
09:10 Num: Is this a person who doesn't believe in Feng Shui?
09:13 Kim: No, no, but it is forbidden to wear white clothes today.
09:16 Num: saw it, she still said "no no no".

09:18 Ard: Kim knows what color clothes should be worn on that day.
09:20 Moddam: Really? Kim has already reached this point?

09:21 Num: What is banned on Monday?
09:23 Kim: Red is forbidden on Monday.
09:25 Num: What color is good to wear?
09:23 Kim: Purple.

09:26 Num: Wearing purple is good. Tuesday?
09:28 Kim: Can't wear white and yellow clothes on Tuesday, orange is good.

09:31 Num: Wednesday?
09:32 Kim: Can't wear pink clothes on Wednesday.
09:34 Num: What color is good to wear?
09:35 Kim: Black, gray, blue.

09:36 Num: Thursday?
09:38 Kim: Can't wear purple clothes, wear red clothes.

09:40 Num: Friday?
09:41 Kim: Friday, wear pink clothes, can't wear black, blue and gray clothes.

09:45 Num: Saturday?
09:46 Kim: Saturday, can't wear green clothes, wear sky blue clothes.

09:48 Num: Sunday?
09:49 Kim: can't wear sky blue, wear green.

09:53 (text) had to be so powerful

09:57 Aor: You really deserve to be an actor.
09:58 Ard: Are these lucky colors for your own constellation? Or for general public?
10:01 Num: General public.

10:03 Kim: I used to film with P'Barry ( Nadech), and P'Barry would look at these constellation.
10:07 Moddam: Is that true? Nadech also looks?
10:09 Ard: Nadech is very obsessed with the constellation lucky color, and brings habits to work. If me or someone who wears clothes is not in the right color, he will drive you back to change clothes.
10:15 Moddam: Really? Can't even the work team wear the wrong color clothes?
10:15 (text) Not yet to this degree?
10:17 Ard, Aor, Kim: brethren . (?)
10:19 Num: So serious.
10:20 Kim: is it??
10:21 (text) You are really amazing.
10:22 Kim: No, I just remind you a little .But he will lose confidence.
10:26 Num: Can't do this.
10:27 Kim: because it's not a lucky color.
10:28 Num: Ah!
10:29 Ard: Hahaha..

10:30 Num: Can you turn to look over there when you speak? Do not turn to look at me, okay?
10:34 Moddam: Just as I didn't wear white clothes, I was wearing the color of the outside dress.
10:36 Num, Aor: It’s really suffering.

10:39 Moddam: Does Mark wear clothes according to the lucky color every day too ?
10:40 Kim: yes.
10:41 Aor: Mark has to wear pink clothes!
10:42 Kim: I will remind him, but Mark won't care too much.

10:44 Num: If that's the case, write it out and stick it on the car "The color is pink".

10:48 Moddam: Can we go in and visit your bedroom? To see what is it like?
10:52 Kim: Yes you can.
10:53 Aor: We can visit the bedroom of the superstar.
10:54 Moddam: She only moved in for two days, should let us see how her bedroom is.
10:57 Kim: Please ka.

11:02 Ard: The bedroom is also very big.
11:05 Moddam: The bedroom is big.
11:06 Num: Speak it first, this is the first program that can enter the bedroom.
11:08 Aor: True.

11:10 ~ 11:27 ( trailer )

11:48 Ard: The bedroom is also very big.
11:51 Moddam: The bedroom is big.
11:53 Num: Speak it first, this is the first program that can enter the bedroom.
11:55 Aor: True.
11:56 Kim:This program is the first and also only.
11:58 Aor: Definitely.
11:59 Aor: Needless to say like this! Everyone, especially fans, must watch our program.

12:03 Num: This sheet is very expensive.
12:05 Ard: Is it?
12:06 Num: This set I have seen before, especially expensive.
12:09 Aor: Yes, I have seen it.
12:11 Num: Can open and look at it?
12:12 Kim: Ah ha?
12:12 Moddam: Can open and look at it?
12:13 Aor: Open the sheets, I thought it was to open the sunscreen bottle .
12:16 Kim: Ah!!! Don't ~~~
12:18 (text) Num, don't be like this...
12:19 Ard: what is this?
12:20 Kim: Who could take it away for me?
12:21 Num: Take it away yourself.
12:22 Kim: Don't !
12:22 Num: This is very expensive, hurry up! hurry!!
12:27 Kim: It’s a pity for the value of the sheets.
12:28 (text)Really waste things
12:29 Num: This is very expensive.
12:30 Ard: Who put these butterflies?
12:30 (text) Who paste them on...
12:31 Aor: Are you afraid of this?
12:33 Kim: I don't like this, it looks too realistic .
12:35 Num, Aor: Are these realistic?
12:37 Kim: P'Num! P'Num!
12:39 (text) can't play like this...

12:41 Num: Can tell us why you are afraid of butterflies?

12:45 (text) Must it be like this? Brother.
12:52 (text) Too deep into the play.
12:52 Ard: Young master.
12:53 Num: Jackass.

12:56 Kim: When I was young, I was teased by my brother’s friend.
12:59 Kim: "Kim, sticking out your hand" .
13:01 Kim: Then he took the live butterfly in my hand.
13:03 Ard: That was not a tease. Was he just want sharing it with you? He thought you are not afraid.
13:07 Kim: But I was scared. My instinctive reaction did not throw the butterfly away. I caught the butterfly in my hand and pinched it.
13:11 Ard: Until it died.
13:12 Num: Until it died in the hand.
13:13 Moddam: Until it died in the hand.
13:14 Kim: Until it died in the hand.
13:15 Aor: What is this instinctive reaction? Shouldn't it be thrown away if you are afraid?
13:18 Kim: But I caught very tight, so tight that there is no way to loosen it.
13:21 Moddam: Were you scared by it ?
12:22 Kim: mmm... (Look at kim's act.)

13:24 Kim: Because I was in contact with butterflies in this way when I was young, I hat it since that time.
13:29 Moddam: So you didn’t like butterflies since childhood?
13:32 Kim: Yeah.

13:33 Moddam: What small animals are you afraid of other than butterflies?
13:36 Kim: Really, I am afraid of horses.
13:38 Num: horses?
13:39 Kim: Once kicked by a horse.

13:41 Num: Pandan?
13:42 Kim: Do'nt like pandan, stink.

13:46 Num: Beautiful things, such as butterflies doesn't like, strong horses doesn't like, the fragrant Pandan doesn't like, completely an abnormal idea people, should be able to get along well with P'Moddam.
13:54 Moddam: Why?
13:56 Ard: Moddam doesn't like kids, doesn't like small animals.
13:59 Num: Unusual route.
14:00 Aor: No, like boys.
14:04 Moddam: Enough!

14:04 Moddam: what is this?
14:05 Kim: It's a sunscreen. This Bloss sunscreen has a sun protection factor of 50. I am a easy allergic person, but rubbing this every day not cause allergies.
14:14 Num: Do you use it every day? Rub this When you film ?
14:17 Kim: Yes.
14:18 Ard: I also think that when we are filming outside in the sun, the skin will turn black, it will form spots, but rubbing this sunscreen, it will not be like this.
14:26 Moddam: So now we all say that if we don't want to age, we should pay attention to sun protection. One of the most important things to maintain skin is to apply sunscreen.
14:32 Ard: Yes.
14:33 Moddam: Now the ultraviolet light is very strong, even if it is light, there will be ultraviolet rays.
14:38 Aor: Yes.
14:40 Ard: Want to fight aging, sunscreen is essential.

14:42 Kim: This sunscreen is easy to absorb, and the skin color does not change. It will not be white when applied.
14:49 Aor: Not greasy, not white.
14:50 Num: I want a little bit.
14:52 Kim: Very easily absorbed by the skin.
14:56 Ard: P'Num you squeeze too much.
14:59 Kim: Just rub it a little, because this sunscreen is of good quality.
15:02 Num: When you shoot "Kom Faek", do you apply this sunscreen when the sun is strong?
15:06 Kim: Yes. I smeared in every play, some of the plots need to be filmed in the sea, and then filmed in the forest.
15:11 Num: Was it a lot of work to shoot "Kom Faek"?
15:12 Kim: a lot.
15:13 Num: Did you take this sunscreen to Mark to use?
15:15 Kim: Take it to everyone in the crew.
15:16 (text) clever answer

15:20 Num: Tell us that what role you played in the drama "Kom Faek".
15:24 Kim: Anchan. Anchan Ratchasri, the younger sister of San Ratchasri. His character in the play is dark.
15:31 Moddam: You have taken a lot of drama before, is there any role you want to play?
15:35 Kim: I want to play a crazy character.
15:36 Aor: Really?
15:36 (text) want to play crazy characters
15:37 Kim: Yes, I think I should be able to perform very well.
15:39 Num: Have you ever played a villain role?
15:41 Aor: Definitely have not played a villain role.
15:42 Kim: Never played that role, only played that kind of fake, spoiled female role.
15:47 Num: Come, you and Aor perform the villain role.
15:50 Num: 5, 4, 3, 2, Action.
15:52 Aor: Are you sure you want to snatch my husband with me? Just someone like you. Just this kind of face... Hahaha...
15:58 Aor: A little embarrassed ,the embarrassed part is when I say that "Just this kind of face".
16:00 (text) Embarrassed to say that sentence
16:03 Num: Otherwise, come like this.
16:05 Num: 5,4,3 ...
16:06 Aor: I am the heroine.
16:08 Num: What? What?
16:08 (Text) What did you say?
16:12 Moddam: Let Kim act as the other woman?
16:13 Aor: Yes.
16:14 Num: Aor, you are better off acting as a mother.
16:16 Num: The type of quarrel is like... in the traditional market.
16:21 Num: 5, 4, 3, 2
16:25 Kim: Are you sure you want to grab my husband with me?!
16:27 Num: The eyes are more fierce, more sharper...even more fierce than now.
16:31 Ard: Just rely on this face...
16:33 Kim: Just rely on this face... How did you play it just now?
16:34 Aor: Just rely on this face....
16:37 Ard: Strengthen the tone when saying "Just rely on this face" .
16:38 Num: it’s almost OK.
16:40 Ard: When speaking, the sound need more compact.
16:41 Kim: Just rely on this face
16:42 Ard: this is okay .
16:43 Num: 5, 4, 3, 2
16:46 Kim: Are you sure you want to grab my husband with me?! Just rely on this face!
16:49 Ard: Hahaha, okay.

16:53 Num: go to see your sister's room .
16:54 Moddam: still one room left to visit, since we have come here to record the program, just visit every room.
16:56 Kim: okay.
16:57 Ard: Kim’s sister also lives here, take us to visit.
17:00 Num: Be careful when you walk over, let me open the cabinet and look inside.
17:05 Kim: This is the pajamas.
17:07 Num: The wardrobe is neatly organized, seems Kim you are a very clean and tidy person.
17:11 Ard: Why can't I open it? Is there no (cabinet) here?
17:13 Kim: No, this side is wall.

17:19 Ard: Would you afraid? Decorate the bathroom like this?
17:23 Ard: Is golden color (shower) chosen according to Feng Shui? is it the lucky color of your constellation?
17:27 Kim: No, I just look tired of the silver shower, I want to try some weird colors.
17:31 Ard: This is also good.
17:32 Kim: Good, Great master said that no matter what, golden yellow is good.
17:36 Aor: is it?
17:37 Kim: For example, there are golden yellow elements in the counter is good.
17:39 Aor: Er Er Er, Use golden yellow first.
17:41 Ard: Golden yellow is good.
17:42 Kim: Yes.

17:43 Num: Lead the way.
17:44 Kim: OK.


sarNie Adult
17:49 ~ 18:00 ( trailer )

18:14 Moddam: Sister's room, Does your sister come here to live?
18:16 Kim: Not yet.
18:17 Moddam: Really?
18:18 Kim: Not yet.
18:19 Moddam: Has your sister seen the room after the renovation?
18:20 Kim: She has seen it but...

18:22 Daniel: Surprise!
18:24 (text) Kim's brother and sister
18:31 Num: Sawadika, everyone.
18:33 Moddam: Last time did not get together 4 siblings, only two.
18:36 Ard: Yes.
18:36 Aor: Sawadika.
18:41 Num: This is sister's room.
18:42 Aor: Is this surprise true?
18:43 Moddam: It's true.

18:44 Moddam: I remember that Kim was able to enter the entertainment industry because of her brother.
18:46 (text) Thomas Jenny Daniel
18:49 Kim: Yes, this one (Daniel).
18:50 Moddam: Start with a model first.
18:51 Kim: Yes, then take me to the agency, then audition together.
18:56 Moddam: There is no sign, but it turned out to be that the brother is the one who achievement the sister.
18:59 Kim: Yes.

19:00 Moddam: And this sister , she was fat when we met last time. This time, Didn’t you want to slim down like your sister?
19:04 Jenny: I also tried to lose weight but it was so difficult.
19:05 Kim: I told my sister that loss one kilogram off rewards 50,000 baht.
19:10 (text) 50,000 baht per kilogram!?
19:13 Jenny: Now can make money, I should lose weight.
19:15 Moddam: 50,000 baht per kilogram .
19:17 Kim: Give 50,000 baht per kilogram.
19:18 Moddam: If you can lose ten kilograms, there will be 500,000 baht.
19:20 Jenny: But if rebounded , the money must be returned.
19:23 Kim: yes.
19:24 Kim: This method has not been implemented yet.
19:26 Moddam: Will you come and live here together?
19:28 Jenny: still waiting for the bed .
19:30 Moddam: The bed hasn't come yet, it's OK to take the sheets and bedding first.
19:32 Moddam: (certain brand) sheets and bedding.
19:33 Jenny: Thank you.

19:34 Moddam: What language do you usually use when you four chat ?
19:36 Kim: English.
19:37 Moddam: Are you all chatting in English?
19:38 Kim: But these two also speak German. (Point to Thomas and Daniel)
19:42 Num: You can chat in German.
19:43 Num: Then we..
19:44 Ard: talk in Thai.
19:46 Aor: like to say "you", does this sound very advanced?
19:49 Num: Come, come, go outside.
19:50 Kim: OK.
19:51 Aor: These people are so funny~

19:55 Moddam: You all 4 siblings are stick together.
19:58 Kim: Since childhood, we four were together like this.
20:01 Kim: did not leave far away.
20:02 Aor: who is the oldest?
20:03 Kim,Jenny,Daniel: This one. (Point to Thomas)
20:04 Moddam: Oh, this is oldest brother.
20:05 Kim: Yes.
20:06 Num: The second one is this. (Point to Daniel)
20:07 Kim: Yes.
20:08 Thomas: second, third, and four. (Point to Daniel, Jenny, Kim)
20:10 Kim: fourth.
20:12 Ard: But why do people often think of Kim as...
20:16 Aor, Ard: As elder sister Jenny.
20:18 Kim: Because...
20:20 Kim: Jenny's face is square. (?)
20:20 (text) Face looks square than me
20:23 Aor: Jenny looks very sweet.
20:25 Aor: But why didn't Jenny enter the entertainment industry?
20:29 Jenny: don't like this.
20:30 Aor: Why ?Jenny.
20:31 Kim: Jenny.
20:32 Jenny: Doing what?
20:33 Kim: Can I tell them?
20:34 Jenny: No.
20:34 (text) Can it be said?
20:36 Moddam: Wait!
20:37 Aor: Why?
20:38 Moddam: Kim is going to say ...
20:39 Kim: Jenny went to auditions in various places.
20:40 Kim: Then she met a director, the director asked her to laugh.
20:45 Kim: "Laugh, need to laugh here."
20:46 Kim: Then the director said,
20:47 Kim: "Nong, why are you laughing like a cow?"
20:50 (text) laughs like a cow!!
20:51 Jenny: Really.
20:52 Num: is it Really?
20:53 Kim: Really. Since that time, Jenny gave up, said " I won’t go to the audition again later."
20:55 Jenny: After I went out, I told the one who brought me to audition that I would never audition again.
20:59 Aor,Num: Very strong.
21:01 Num: Did Aor have encountered such a thing?
21:04 Num: Did some people say that you laugh like a cow?
21:05 Aor: No.
21:06 Moddam: So you said no.
21:07 Num: it’s very serious .
21:09 Aor: If you can't remember the lines, this is understandable.
21:14 Aor: But laughing like a cow...
21:15 Num: This is looking down on person.
21:16 Aor: This is scolding for your appearance.
21:17 Kim: Did he want someone more cute?
21:19 Jenny: Kim!!

21:22 Aor: Look on. (?)
21:24 Moddam: Why did you like to audition with your sisters when you were young? Did you see anything in your sisters?
21:27 Aor: Uh, yes.
21:28 Jenny: Because no place to go, so bring take sisters together.
21:31 Moddam: Anyway, had to went to work. Before was an ordinary model. when went to work, take sisters together.
21:36 Ard: Didn't you think of being a star when you were young?
21:39 Kim: I want to be a star when I was young.
21:45 Kim: Played with Jenny.
21:47 Jenny: Wear high heels.
21:48 Kim: Play various roles, and the character of the role changes from time to time.
21:52 Num: How did Kim enter the entertainment industry?
21:54 Jenny: Audition with Daniel brother.
21:56 Num: From what, what is the first one?
21:58 Kim: Starting from the advertise audition, the first is to advertise, then step up slowly.

22:02 Kim: What I want to say is that I used to go to the Ch3 to audition, but was rejected.
22:06 Moddam: Why?
22:07 Kim: fat!
22:09 Kim: When went back to Ch3 again, I signed a contract.
22:13 Moddam: That means before you become today's Kimberley,
22:16 Moddam: You have been to Ch3 , and then Ch3 let you to go home to lose weight.
22:20 Moddam: How long did it take to go back again?
22:23 Kim: That time I was 13 years old , and when went back , was 17 years old.
22:26 Moddam: That's 4 years. What have you done in these 4 years, constantly going to the audition to shoot advertisements?
22:31 Kim: went to the audition , and also received some advertisements to support myself. I feel very happy.
22:36 Moddam: How many years did you take your sister to audition everywhere?
22:40 Daniel: Several years, about 5-6 years.

22:44 Moddam: Have been discouraged? This doesn't work, that doesn't work either.
22:48 Daniel: No, no. We have our own focus.
22:51 Kim: Our focus is not on Kim.
22:53 Moddam: means that you also go to the audition?
22:55 Daniel: Yes.
22:56 Aor: Were you discouraged, Kim?
22:58 Jenny: There was frustration for a period, then father said that if next 2 times went to audition, and still couldn’t, he would not give money to take a taxi.
23:04 Aor: Did Dad say that?
23:05 Jenny: Yes, because it’s been too many times. Dad was unwilling.
23:07 Jenny: (Try) Hundreds of jobs .
23:08 Kim: waste money, but not getting jobs.
23:10 Aor: your father was cute.
23:11 Ard: Who can think of the child who has auditioned hundreds of advertising jobs but failed,
23:14 Aor: now have hundreds of advertisements.
23:16 Kim: God bless.

23:18 Num: Now, when you make money, will you give or buy something to your brothers and sisters?
23:24 Kim: These will be take care of.
23:26 Ard: But on a larger side, Kim will even take care of dressing up.
23:29 Jenny: Don't say that she taking care, saying that she like to control everything .
23:32 Jenny: Everything that is different from herself must intervene.
23:35 Jenny: If others just simply come to eat meals,
23:37 Jenny: "What kind of clothes Daniel wears, so short. can't wear that color of clothes today, must wear this color of clothes, Barabara..."
23:43 Num: Did you change it ? Did she let you go back and change?
23:45 Jenny: If still at home, then have time to change clothes....
23:47 Kim: But can't wear yellow clothes today.
23:50 Jenny: Do you know, I has asked the work team what color clothes can't be worn today. can't wear yellow and white clothes today, but it doesn't matter.

23:56 Num: Was she naughty when young? Was your sister naughty when young?
23:58 Kim: I almost killed my brother Daniel.
24:01 (text) to the point of death?
24:03 Moddam: How about it?
24:05 Kim: Daniel wanted to change the light bulb,
24:08 Kim: When he was changing the light bulb, let me look at the light switch,
24:12 Kim: Then when Daniel was pulling the light bulb out, he said, don’t press the switch.
24:19 Kim: I said "OK, OK" , then I pressed the switch.
24:22 Num: Pressed it.
24:22 Kim: Yes, then he got an electric shock , heard the sound of "pa pa pa".
24:25 Kim: The body was already have black spots, hand was half black.
24:28 Moddam: Really?
24:29 Num: Why were you doing this, Kim?
24:31 Kim: I don't know.
24:32 Jenny: Don't say "don't do this", because Kim will do that.
24:35 Kim: Jenny was also victimized.

24:38 Moddam: Is Kim cooking delicious?
24:40 Kim: Only I can eat.
24:43 Moddam: Who cooks the best?
24:45 Kim: Jenny.
24:46 Moddam: Jenny, helps your sister to do.
24:47 Jenny: Yes.
24:48 Moddam: O.K. Then following time, we will cook together.
24:50 Moddam: Aor really eats not stop.
24:53 (text) I am hungry.

24:56 Moddam: What food do you want to do today?
24:58 Kim: Ah... fruit salad.
25:00 Num: Kim really can do it?
25:02 Kim: able to do.
25:03 Num: But it looks like ... can't do it.

25:08 Aor: Who is knocking at the door?
25:10 Ard: Wait for a moment.
25:12 Num: Today we called the chef come.
25:15 Aor: Really?
25:16 Num: Chef Yingsak.

25:18 (text) Jaew
25:19 Jaew: Hello.
25:20 Kim: Wow~ P'Jaew.
25:23 Aor: One of the family members.
23:25 Jaew: Hello
25:27 Jaew: I am the elder of the entertainment heroine.
25:31 Aor: It's enough. come to cook.
25:33 Jaew: Who will do it?
25:34 Kim: I do it myself.
25:35 Jaew: I saw you cooking for the first time in my life.
25:38 Moddam: Really?
25:39 Moddam: Does she not cook?
25:40 Jaew: No, she only likes to eat but does not do it.

25:43 Num: What is the first job of PaJaew and Kim?
25:46 Jaew: seriously, the first job is really not fully prepared, it is to go to the crew to audition.
25:51 Jaew: Actually , it's someone was going to give Kim an audition.
25:54 Jaew: I helped to guide the performance, brewing emotional things.
25:57 Jaew: I found that N’Jar likes Kim.
26:01 Jaew: And then N'Jar wants to sign Kim, but I said that this child is beautiful, but easy to be nervous.
26:06 Jaew: I said there will be problems, because she is going to play my show, playing with others.
26:08 Kim: Paajaew is like my guide star.
26:10 (text) has always been my guide star
26:11 Jaew: Then, I said, if Jar really likes her, before Kim can say it clearly,
26:15 Jaew: you audition others first. Let me talk to Kim alone.
26:18 Jaew: Then I took Kim out of the room and went out a farther place.
26:21 Jaew: It took almost an hour, guide Kim until she was clear, then send her back to the audition.
26:27 Num: Come back again.
26:28 Jaew: Yes.
26:29 Jaew: then Kim can correctly interpretive role, not bad.
26:32 Jaew: So P'Jar , P'Num like Kim very much.
26:34 Num: Finally, if a person can succeed, nothing can stop it.
26:37 Jaew: For Kim's first job, I secretly asked about the results of the work.
26:40 Jaew: (Kim) need to constantly correct.
26:43 Kim: I used to let the photographer take more than 20 shots in one scene.
26:49 Jaew: But we didn't have time to meet, it's been 2 years since we met again.
26:52 Kim: Yes.
26:53 Jaew: change very large .
26:55 Jaew: I can't believe she is the Kim that I knew 2 years ago.
26:58 Jaew: She was easy to be nervous before, but this time she was not nervous at all.
27:00 Jaew: until the "Raeng Pradtanaha" was aired ,
27:02 Jaew: becomes another pair that everyone likes,
27:05 Jaew: it was Barry-Kim, wasn't it? For a period of time.
27:07 Jaew: I don't pay attention, you are almost done.
27:09 Num: No,no, no, I think Kim didn't do it.
27:11 Kim: I did it.
27:12 Num: What did you do?
27:13 Kim: Put the fruit in.
27:14 (text) put the fruit in
27:19 Num: Change place.
27:21 Aor: What is the difficult about this?

27:28 Ard: Looks so healthy~
27:30 Moddam: Is it? So healthy.
27:32 Jaew: Why the colors of green curry have light and thick 2 kinds?
27:34 Moddam: This crab soup.
27:35 Kim: This is Kim's .
27:36 Jenny: Kim doesn't eat spicy.
27:40 Kim: Yes, more coconut milk.
27:44 Jaew: hahaha..., ignore this, hahaha...
27:46 Kim: Ah! Forget! lens is here.
27:49 Num: The owner has not eaten yet!
27:51 Ard: Haha.
27:52 Moddam: If there is a lens, we must say that we are eating fruit.
27:55 Moddam: If there is no lens, you can say that need more coconut milk.
27:58 Jenny: Yes.

28:00 Moddam: When you make salad, will Mark eat it together?
28:03 Kim: Uh... I will also do it for him.
28:06 Moddam: Then he eats?
28:07 Kim: He eats, but I don’t know it’s delicious or not.
28:11 Moddam: Recently there was news that you broke up with Mark.
28:17 Kim: It’s not true, There will always be such news.
28:21 Kim: We each have our own work, so we don’t meet often, we can’t take a photo.
28:26 Kim: So when Mark likes or comments (on IG),
28:30 Kim: Someone will guess that there must be a problem.
28:34 Num: The day before yesterday, you attended the event and the reporter asked,
28:37 Num: Are you still boyfriend and girlfriend? Then Kim said that we never use the word boyfriend and girlfriend.
28:41 Num: Why did you answer like that?
28:43 Kim: I didn't say it in front of the reporter,
28:46 Kim: But today I’m going to say it, why not use the word boyfriend and girlfriend.
28:50 Kim: Because it would be too public,
28:55 Kim: Then there is, if it is made public, fear of breaking up.
28:59 Num: Oh ~ , that would be a problem if one day really broke up.
29:02 Kim: That is, everyone knows what this is all about.
29:05 Kim: Already very clear.
29:06 Num: No need to reveal to the public like that.
29:08 Kim: Yes. Why do we have to use the word boyfriend and girlfriend?
29:11 Aor: Everyone knows clearly, don’t always ask, tired.
29:14 Kim: yes.
29:16 Num: Aor, are you and Fiad using the word boyfriend and girlfriend?
29:18 Kim: What words are used?
29:19 Ard: Aor, what is your relationship with Fiad?
29:21 Aor: Do you have no one to say ? Ask true.
29:24 Ard: What words?
29:25 Jaew: In the words of Hiso.
29:26 Aor: Husband.
29:27 Jaew: Ordinary.
29:28 Aor: Hubby.
29:31 Jaew: I also feel the same, that it is unnecessary, these things...
29:35 Jaew: Stars are true as public figures, but they should have some personal privacy that belongs to them, right?
29:39 Jaew: We shouldn’t impose this or that one on them, to let them say or become like this.
29:42 Jaew: You all know who this person is, you know what kind of person he(she) is.
29:45 Num: no need to have to be like that.
29:47 Aor: No need to reveal.

29:49 Ard: Wait, wait, PaaJaew.
20:51 Ard: PaaJaew, PaaJaew.
29:52 Ard: We have been to PaaJae's home, PaaJaew has...
29:55 Aor: boy(girl)friend.
29:56 Jaew: No.
29:56 Kim: Ah! I want to know about that.
29:58 Jaew: This is your home, they came to your house to interview , not to come to my house to record the program.
30:00 (text) want to gossip about my business
30:01 Num: How is your boy(girl)friend now?
30:03 Jaew: No, nothing.
30:04 Num: Does he still drive for you now?
30:07 Aor: When in Chiang Mai, right?
30:08 Jaew: No. It's wrong.
30:10 Jaew: There is a driver who looks good , some people think that he is my husband.
30:15 Jaew: Do you know why? When he got home, he gave his wife a lot of attention.
30:19 Aor: Because of the news.
30:20 Jaew: Yes.
30:22 Jaew: As a boss, I won't let subordinate be my boy(girl)friend .
30:23 Aor: Don't say these messy things.
30:25 Jaew: Stop it .
30:26 Jaew: Continue to talk about Kim's business.

30:28 Jaew: I as a non-host to ask,
30:32 Jaew: was it fun to travel? I saw that the photos you have shown are very sweet.
30:35 Kim: Which trip?
30:36 Jaew: The trip to France together.
30:38 Kim: Oh~ Ah~ It’s fun. Just Go...
30:42 Aor: Two pairs.
30:43 Kim: The name of the trip is #อ่าวนี่ฮันนีมูนปะละ .
30:46 Kim: Going to honeymoon with them. She was afraid of loneliness, so we go together.
30:50 Moddam: Afraid she lonely, so go with her.
30:52 Kim: Yes.
30:53 Moddam: Do you often travel with Mark?
30:55 Kim: Often travel together, because we...
30:58 Kim: We have the same idea.
31:01 Moddam: Idea is...?
31:02 Kim: The idea is to work seriously, then take a good rest and enjoy life.
31:09 Kim: Rather than having only work , and no private life.
31:14 Kim: We both talked clearly, saying that we will do so in the future.

31:18 Ard: Actually, you and Mark are already familiar for several years?
31:20 Kim: Yes.
31:21 Ard: Does he has something that makes you feel impressed and feels too good?
31:25 Kim: He is a person who doesn't think much .
31:28 Kim: He doesn't let his imagination run wild.
31:30 Kim: Then I am a person who thinks a lot, and a small thing will think a lot.
31:35 Kim: Working today, I will reflect on myself about if I am doing job good today ?
31:39 Kim: What did it mean that this man talked to me like this? I am the one who thinks about every things.
31:43 Kim: But he is a person who doesn’t think much.
31:47 Num: That's okay. Don't think too much.
31:49 Kim: Right, he is always the one who let me stop.
31:51 Aor: Don't think about it.
31:52 Kim: Um, Forget it. Probably like this.
31:54 Num,Moddam : forget it, forget it.
31:56 Kim: Yes.
31:57 Kim: Let it go, like this.
32:00 Kim: But our character is very similar, just that he is a man, I am a woman that thinks much more.

32:04 Num: Have you ever quarreled?
32:06 Kim: There are also quarrels.
32:07 Num: For what?
32:08 Kim: Reason for quarrel
32:10 Kim: is...
32:12 Kim: He is a person who doesn't think much.
32:14 Moddam: But we will think a lot.
32:16 Kim: Yes~
32:17 Jaew: I understand, if Mark tells Kim that " you needn't think too much."
32:21 Jaew: kim will say like this, " how can I not to think? ", like this..
32:23 Aor: Did he tell you that girls are always like this?
32:25 Kim: Yes.

32:27 Moddam: When did you start to like this man?
32:30 Kim: I didn't know the specific time that start to like him.
32:35 Kim: only know that I am slowly fond of him.
32:38 Kim: Then every time there is difficulty, he is always by my side.
32:41 Moddam: Start with a close friend.
32:42 Kim: Yes.
32:43 Moddam: Good friend in a group.
32:46 Kim: Yes.
32:47 Jaew: Nowadays, young people have their own small group. 4 heart is a very big gang (4 หัวใจเป็นแก๊งใหญ่มาก ).
32:51 Jaew: But now it is disbanded.
32:54 Kim: It fell but was resurrected again.
32:56 Ard: It’s like taking a few plays together, once you can meet often,
33:00 Ard: Slowly become familiar from ordinary friends and become close friends, then become what it is now, right?
33:05 Jaew: I add that, sometimes actors will make people feel pitiful, know what it is?
33:09 Jaew: When actors more famous and more fans, the more inconvenient it is to go anywhere.
33:16 Jaew: Life is around the crew, not meeting other people, just these people,
33:20 Jaew: just saw only these people came back and forth.
33:22 Jaew: Then one day the man made something that impressed us so that we felt like we fell in love.
33:27 Jaew: Then liked him, although never liked who.

33:29 Moddam: When did it start to be a real couple, how to start?
33:35 Kim: Uh, how to start.....
33:37 Kim: We have always had chat and contact, and feel that feelings are getting stronger and stronger. (We) have many similarities.
33:43 Kim: So I think, um, ok...
33:46 Kim: It's time to try to formally associating .

33:48 Moddam: During this time of associating , have you ever thought about breaking up?
33:52 Moddam: have had problems and even feel that can’t go on.
33:57 Kim: Have I thought about it ...
34:00 Kim: Just thinking I must escape from here first.
34:03 Kim: But I never thought about completely erasing him from my life.
34:07 Kim: Because I have thought about it, I will not.....
34:10 Kim: I love this person, even if we can't go on together, but I still love him all the time.
34:20 Moddam: It’s so good, but if you quarrel, you will disappear for a while.
34:23 Kim: I will feel a little bit not want to see him.
34:27 Jaew: Right, that's right, we can't stick together for 24 hours a day.
34:30 Moddam: That means you don’t have to be a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend. Even if you break up, you can be a brother-sister relationship.
34:35 Kim: Right. So I said that the relationship between us does not necessarily have to use the word "couple".
34:42 Kim: He is everything.
34:44 Num: is part of us.
34:45 Kim: Yes, is also part of the family.
34:50 Num: Kim replied that Mark is part of the family and part of her.
34:54 Jaew: In the period when Kim lost her father, the most difficult time, because I was there,
34:58 Jaew: So during that time Kim needed a man to come in instead of that position.
35:03 Jaew: cheer her up.

35:07 Num: Are you jealous?
35:09 Kim: Hmm...
35:10 Moddam: Haven't thought about it?
35:11 Kim: Haven't had such a thing yet, so I don't know.
35:14 Kim: But I know that I am a jealous person.
35:16 Aor: But like me, I will be jealous, for example, the smell on Mark is like this woman's.
35:22 Kim: Like (Mark) have never contacted this person at work, may have met this person.
35:26 Aor: Also feel jealous.
35:28 Kim: yes.

35:29 Moddam: This month is the New Year of Thailand, and this month is also the time to get together with family members.
35:34 Moddam: Our program group represents Kim, and there is a gift to be dedicated to PaaJaew.
35:37 Moddam: Kim loves him like a family member.
35:42 Ard: A basket of swallow nest soup is dedicated to PaaJaew.
35:46 Jaew: Thank you. For the real elders of every festival.
35:48 Num: And also , And also.
35:50 Ard: Another basket is a (certain brand) bird's nest soup.
35:53 Ard: Dedicated to Kimberley's sister.
35:55 Jenny: Thank you.
35:57 Num: Because family is the most important thing, so must often care about each other .
36:01 Num: This year's Songkran Festival chooses a (certain brand) bird's nest soup, taking care of your loved home is right.
36:05 Num: Not only two different styles of baskets, but also the gifts inside.
36:09 Moddam: It can also be said that we are giving good things to our loved ones.

36:14 ~ 36:45 No translation.
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sarNie Tombstone
I am wondering if she was talking about song saneha back then..
no it was about a new lakorn the only clue she said was under a production that she already worked with same with the parek he is someone she worked with before and it's not a remake

ps wanted to post here cause i feel it's off topic there :)


sarNie Adult
no it was about a new lakorn the only clue she said was under a production that she already worked with same with the parek he is someone she worked with before and it's not a remake

ps wanted to post here cause i feel it's off topic there :)
Hmm okay