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@twister02 this is for you, ally the one wearing jumpsuit going with her as i think a crew related to coccinelle group he teased her saying why she is wearing a tshirt with a "M" in ti and she rspond as i told you "m for max mara" but he told her "not true" and you can guess from her reaction looool

for you again

we gonna have ana mazing set of photo today with this flawless volume hair :D

this photo no words
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:lol: :lol: Thank to P'Ally for asking her!
Kimmy, don't be shy :risas3:


sarNie Tombstone
that amazing laugh that light up the world around her such a sunshine piece of art

spycool_tukta_41963142_756218614716593_4996027513283855709_n.jpg ging_jarinee_40467087_696184714084498_2368665348982598738_n.jpg pretty_dino_41570760_268065654044732_51282834768920577_n.jpg pl.pailin_40446058_2379594342056801_7979241540120229118_n.jpg

she just toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful oh my god that aura that beauty real human yet big star yet a brilliant ray


sarNie Tombstone
more clips

reflection check

hard communication with the chinese fans but still soo cute she tried to check if everything ok after the storm in china

this Chinese fans come in a very good time when kim relaxed and can have contact with her not like in event most of the tim eis in mall and there is security and all

let go inside

with pass by tourist

chit chat with fans wish i understand what are they talking about

bye bye


sarNie Tombstone
with kim i can't find a balance each time i say this is the last time i just find myself again into her photos
she just toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautifuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllllllllllll


pptanyapat_41411582_249937862245803_3325614388601384260_n.jpg muna_thunyatorn_41398169_160157901560637_1124560753454284471_n.jpg little_newk_40272750_2260933814137147_1774275933429428384_n.jpg muna_thunyatorn_40820154_291353561467870_5380593623142367982_n.jpg meennie_sirapat_41014913_531629837307494_1268469828854396747_n.jpg lollypop_jkp_40678516_320101402088013_9173296673424393320_n.jpg mink_fckim_41643688_1885546025088195_1112533035615360695_n.jpg

and the haiiir again


sarNie Tombstone
stillllllll can't get over i knew we will have a big set of gorgeous photos of her from yesterday

lllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovee this piece of art my favorite exhibit is to see all her fans's photos of her with all the different angle shot emotion and every details
pretty_dino_41026024_248313802495888_590175619328075075_n.jpg gallerybyhong_40705508_249991462372015_8819088269107886935_n.jpg muna_thunyatorn_40764934_1849353028511806_3417969781687332782_n.jpg toey_kaewta_41757566_330142431088894_6458992849267599616_n.jpg panda_nattidakk_41652717_139828880296311_7199855217423384639_n.jpg chanitatoom_41416095_481640192246651_7499871363207648881_n.jpg forth_thamonwan_41599845_1964342833659313_9070848315298391889_n.jpg nongnimkra_41132806_152236382377702_4028870789405433050_n.jpg gaempat_40046875_146366512976002_2823290944183295996_n.jpg mlkpeace_mk_41187901_556609831435429_5234127489011247014_n.jpg