kob and dennis oneil mv


SarNie Adult
thank you so much....i really loved it...very nice mv of my most favorite stars...

i'll waiting for the ending part....happy ending okay?...


sarNie Adult
Love it... Dennis Oh is so freakin hot and sexy... Kob is beautiful... They would be a world class couple should they ever decide to hook up :p


sarNie Adult
The part where Kob was touching the dress, what lakorn is that from?
It was from her lakorn Sai Pai Tornado with Paul on the last episode..

I don't know the guy, but it was nice to see Kob with such a hot guy!!! :blush:

Love it and please continue


sarNie Adult
hey great vid luv it :D

great song and scene :]

i luv dennis he like the freakin hottest korean dara ever! haha

imagine they date in real life that be pretty awesome

i wouldnt mind seeing a korean guy with thai i think thewy very good loking :D


sarNie Adult
I didn't even know Dennis ONeil existed til now wat korean series has he played in? Omg it was a great video i can't wait until you continue...


sarNie Juvenile
hahaha LOL when i watch it i'm like asking 2 the lakorn name but it ain't a lakorn.....silly me....LMAO!!!!.....^_^........kool tho.....made me thought tat tis is actually a lakorn......LOL.......... ^_^