Krai Thong!!


sarNie Granny
I have the original tapes of this boran as well, it's 10 tapes long . It come with box & cover picture , I'll sell it for $25


Ky the Star
omg, this was the first boran i watched as a kid and remember a majority of it.
the other two were Din Nam Lom Fai and Gor Pid Jet See... which i didn't remember much until much later.
anyways, i thought the guy playing kraithong was cute, but the one playing chalawun was much... more... interesting. xD
ahhh, i so really wanna re-watch all of this, and i didn't know there was a movie or a 2nd part, so that's interesting.
and honesty, i do not want a re-make... unless they'll keep it somewhat original and not add in nonsense things that aren't necessary.
and yeah true, most of the special effects now are like fake and just doesn't interest me anymore.
so i just tend to watch the older boran and not the new one.


sarNie Egg
anybody remember Krai Thong?? i really like the alligator guy, not krai tong. i love this boran lakorn, i hope that they will remake it soon...
Where can I watch this lakorn? I've been wanting to watch it but can't find it at all.