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I have no info on this new movie/drama.. but i know who's in it!!!

and HU GE!!!

From my guess, Hu Ge is going to play Nic's part while Charelene plays Gillian's part, and Wu chun will still be playing his part...
it's kindda exciting to see hu ge and wu chun in the same drama cause i'm in love with Wu CHun and my sis is in love with Hu Ge and my Bro is in love with CHarelene... so my family will be looking toward to this new drama...

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Actually, Nic is the only one getting replace; Since the female lead has always been charlene's role from the very beginning. I have a clip that the director would explain the situation.

Movie FIRST surface:

Wu Zun, Charlene Choi & Nicholas Tse in New Movie. Sep 23, 2007

Popular Taiwanese idol, Wu Zun, will be entering the Hong Kong movie industry by joining forces with Charlene Choi and Nicholas Tse to star in Jingle Ma’s latest action flick, ‘Wu Xia Liang Zhu’ (武俠��). The movie will not be entirely the same as the original story and so, Nicholas and Wu Zun’s characters will be both perusing Charlene!

China’s classic novel ‘Liang Zhu’ (��) has been adapted and been made into many television dramas and movies. Director, Jingle Ma hopes to incorporate the plot of ‘Liang Zhu’ with action to create the new hit movie ‘Wu Xia Liang Zhu’.

This will movie will see Wu Zun shoot into the Hong Kong movie industry as he will take the part as Liang Shan Bo. He will star alongside ‘Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival’ and ‘Gold Bauhinia Awards’ winning actress, Charlene Choi, who will be playing Zhu Ying Tai. As for the other main character, Ma Wen Cai, played by Nicholas Tse, will be different to its novel counterpart.

Nicholas and Charlene’s manager, Mani Fok disclosed that Nicholas is still considering if he will take the role. But if all goes as planned, Wu Zun and Nicholas will both be fighting for the heart of Charlene in this new movie. Filming is predicted to begin in late October.

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Confirm News:

Charlene's Confirm News:

Jingle Ma’s new movie 'Butterfly Lovers’ has been confirmed to have Charlene as their female lead

Jingle Ma’s new movie 'Butterfly Lovers’ has been confirmed to have Charlene as their female lead. She has even secretly gone for a costume fitting session.

According to The Sun, the role of Zhu Ying-tai has been a topic of concern after Gillian declined it. And now finally there’s an answer! The role will be acted by Charlene. The movie company already expressed interest in getting Charlene to act as the female lead right from the start, but because her schedule was too tight, the plans fell through in the end, and Gillian was considered for the role instead. But now that Gillian has also turned down the role, and filming for Wind and Cloud has been pushed back due to some preliminary production, so Charlene can finally be confirmed for the role of Zhu Ying-tai, and act out a life-and-death story with Wu Chun, who is acting as Liang Shan-bo.

The reporter sought confirmation from the movie company regarding Charlene's involvement, and the spokesperson said, “Yes! It has already been confirmed! Actually right from the start we wanted Charlene to act.�

Charlene’s manager Mani said, “I was having a huge headache over Charlene’s schedule. I must really thank the crew of Wind and Cloud, for willing to compromise with Charlene’s schedule. Now that Charlene is acting in Butterfly Lovers, she will be in the best shape to act in both movies, and she is excited about the collaboration with Ekin, Aaron and Wu Chun. Hope that there will be sparks between them.�

There were news on the net yesterday that Shawn Yue is unable to act as Ma Wen-cai (A/N: the villain) due to schedule conflicts. And there are also rumours that they are thinking of getting Chris Li or Hu Ge to act in the role. As for the model Angelbaby who openly said that she went for an audition, the spokesperson said, “Actually she was trying out for another role. We thought that she was not bad, but this movie doesn’t suit her. In the future we can have other opportunities to work together.

Credit: http://orientaldaily.on.cc/cgi-bin/nsrch.cgi?seq=723326
Translated by: Coc_tomo @ AF.net

Wu Chun's Confirm News:

Wu Chun confirms acting Butterfly Lovers with Charlene Choi

Wu Chun was in Hong Kong promoting Romantic Princess today. He mentions that he will be in Hong Kong for a few days not only promoting Romantic Princess, but also attending Butterfly Lovers Press Conference.

Before that there were reports that Gillian was opted out from the movie role due to the X photos scandal, Wu Chun said that this time he will act with Charlene.

He said: At first I know that I will be acting with Charlene, but because Charlene's schedule was clashed with other projects so they did try to source for other actresses including Gillian, but in the end it's finalized that he will act with Charlene. More info will be released during the press conference.

Translated by Starylosophy @ AF.net

Director/Producer's Statement:

Catherine's Statement:
In modern times, there are so many couples fall in love but never have the happy ending. Is the legand of Butterfly Lovers destiny recurring? I hope that the story would bring viewers a new definition of love and a new angle to look at it.

Jingle Ma's Statement:
I was touched by the tranditional Liang Zhu story. However, i disagree with Liang's passiveness in the pursuit of love. I am looking forward to creating a strong man who would pick up his sword and fight for his love. It is the strong will for seeking love, not the ending, that matters.

Clips of them first interaction in the Press Conference for Butterfly Lovers:


Wu Zun and Charlene are working for the first time in the Butterfly Lovers or Kung Fu Lovers, in there they are lovers, The Movie isn't even starting to film and they are already wearing matching clothes. Asked about wearing the matching outfit this is the reply.

Wu Zun: At first, when I was looking for clothes I was thinking should I ask if we wear similar outfit, however I didn't know, and didn't ask, when we saw eachother and I was like wow, it is matching.

Charlene: I never talk to him before, today is the first time I meet him (I think she met talking, Wu Zun will explain)... After seeing him, she said that Wu Zun outfit is like wow, we match, he is good.

Asked about what Wu Zun think of Charlene, here is his reply.

Wu Zun: We met before, but we never talked, people asked us to stand next to eachother and take pictures, but we are scared so we didn't. I have been very waiting or anxious to work with her. The character (Charlene plays) is one that is very outgoing... and Charlene is very caring know what people want, what is that word ummmm careful..

Asked this is his first time filming, will he ask Charlene to give him several tips.

Wu Zun: Of course, because..
Charlene: Oh, don't say that lai
Wu Zun: I haven't made a movie, never learned it, so I really need her to help me out.
Charlene: I think making movie is suppose to be fun, so if we make movie and think of it as a fun thing, then I think it would fine. Plus, we are young people, so I think we will get along, furthermore the Director is a interesting and funny guy, I think we will work very happily together!!

Charlene & Wu Chun explain the situation:


Charlene said how she was sought after since last year, and she accepted it, however, because of some problem with the film, it was delayed and she at the same time accepted another film, I think Wind and Cloud 2. She also said that she knew that she was going to make the film with him Wu ZUn, it was so funny, first time meeting and they used him and her instead of saying their name. So stranger, but funny. Wu Zun said this is his first time filming and and it is ancient, so even more excited and nervous, but he knew he was going to work with her Charlene.

Anyway, second part is where Charlene talk about working with Wu ZUn. She said that she meet him in singing awards and WU ZUn nodded too, then she said she is excited or so thankful to work with a handsome guy like him, also she had seen him act before and like it, and Wu Zun was kind of like shy but not really turn his head the other side several time. Charlene also said this film is going to be fun, because we are both young people, easy to get along with. Wu ZUn on the other hand said that he is very happy to work with Charlene, he had seen her act in her movies, and Charlene is very popular in his own country Brunei, and he said that his fans like Charlene too. Moreover, it is his first time in a movie, but he asked her how many films she had done, and she said over 30, and Zun was like "Help me out." hahaha, I think the last thing Charlene said was that it is their first collobration, so she think there might be some firework between them, and Wu ZUn was nodding his head.



kelly was talking to Wu Zun and reporters asked if she wanted to work with him, and Kelly didn't really answer I think, instead she said how he is very handsome, nice tone and all, but too young her her.

Then it goes to Charlene and she sad Wu Zun is very handsome, pretty boy. Then she said her cousins and remove cousins all call her everyday to get updates on Wu ZUn, so now she is very familiar with Wu Zun. Her cousins also asked if Wu Zun is really that big, and Charlene was like yeah Wu Zun is very that big, will tone and muscular!! Then Wu Zun stands in front of the camera and said, yeah, I could cover you up too hahahaa.

The reporters then goes on to say how Wu Zun is so good with words too. Speaking in Cantonese, he said is very excited about the film, he acutally meet Charlene at some functions and asked to go take pictures with Twins, but he was scared and so was the members. Then Charlene said Really? Where, and then it end there.



The newspaper news (specially appointed Hong Kong Reporter Chen Yiyi) yesterday afternoon, "Butterfly Lovers" holds the starting ceremony in Hong Kong US Asia group, lead AH SA, Wu Zun, Hu Ge presents by the ancient costume modelling, Ah SA, Zhu Yingtai who acted the transvestite in the piece, Wu Zun acts Liang Shanbo, but inland actor Hu Ge acted Ma Wencai in the piece, three people performed a section of triangle love in the piece. Ah SA when is asked by reporter a generation of Ajiao to go forth to battle develops the ancient costume movement pressure to be very whether big, she smiles said: “the most tremendous pressure is the actor is more beautiful than the leading lady.�

  Plot: The world “Liang wishes� the noisy triangle love again

  Ah SA introduced to reporter that what the movie "Butterfly Lovers" narrated is actually the tradition “Liang wishes� in butterfly story several leads, will meet once again in the next life, between them will occur story. Director Ma Chucheng said that in the piece Liang Shanbo, Zhu Yingtai and Ma Wencai were the martial arts world masters, and was the school respectively, Ma Wencai and Liang Shanbo's time was high, moreover Liang Zhu excelled with the sword, had the splendid paragraph in the piece which section of two people brandished a sword, Ma Wencai excels with the knife, he once rescued strength of by the wished the family entire family. Wu Zun told the reporters, this movie have some tragicomedy, also make people smile, but alsolets the chilly beautiful love which the human cries.

  Acting the leading role: Three place human spirit idol has it all

  This movie receives the attention, except story selection, from the classics add on outside the movement element, three leads also become the focal point. Ah SA, Wu Zun, the Hu Ge happen to comes from Hong Kong, Taiwan and inland, is the idol faction, is not difficult to see this piece is wants to sweep away three place Fans {bean or sweet potato starch noodles}. Although moves in transportation inconvenient general Australia holds, but still had large quantities of bean or sweet potato starch noodles to come to support. The Ah SA bean or sweet potato starch noodles, the Wu Zun bean or sweet potato starch noodles are moving the hold the glass wrong side of the door to lift the sign to inflate for the idol, but Wu Zungeng has the Brunei friends to offer the basket of flowers to add to the fun. Said “the actor regarding own rallying point as well as Ah SA compared to leading lady�, Wu Zun indicated: “I am depending on my contour, I do not have the work with every effort to do actually, others said that I win anything depending on the contour, I do not go to think, most important is made contribution.�

  "Butterfly Lovers" the question and answer:

  Q: Why “Butterfly Lovers� will use sword?

  A: Because “Butterfly LOvers� meets again in next life, will change the body martial arts world public figure.

  Q: What status will Ma Wencai in “the next life� be?

  A: He is the Zhu Yingtai entire family's savior. (Charlene's family savior)

  Q: what weapon “does Liang (Wu ZUn) wish� and Ma Wencai (Hu Ge) uses?

  A: “Liang wishes� uses the sword, the Ma Wencai brandish sword.

  ■ topic over-formal language

  Ah SA: I hold the ordinary heart to the movie queen

  Ah SA "Simply Actor" the excellent performance, has been accepted this session of Hong Kong movie Oscar movie queen's contention, this is she is accepted for the first time the golden likely movie queen, is also in this be accepted age smallest one. Reporter asks her in the scene regarding to take the movie queen to have how many assurance, Ah SA low key response: “I by an ordinary heart, entertain the good hope to regard this matter. Regarding me, can be accepted already attained `to be excellent' the report card, other being accepted people too have been strong, was my senior. I thought that being accepted is honorable.�



Part 1
This film before filming already the actors swtiching and rumor made the film a total mess. Today the offical press conference clear everything up. Wu Zun was very nervous and Charlene said that she is very confident. She don't care about the hardship, the intimate scenes, the sad scenes.

Together Wu ZUn and Charlene both wrote Butterfly Lovers using their swords. Charlene said that she cried everytime she read the script because the story was really sad. However, she will do her best and she is very excited. When interviewed about the switching artists and all, Charlene said that if the role are yours than it is your if it isn't than it isn't. Then the next part is about her filming both movies at once, Wind and CLoud 2 and BL. She said she will not mix up the roles.

Wu Zun with all her fans sending flower baskets took the spot light, Wu Zun said himself that he practice he cantonese to repay his fans. When interviewed he said I already asked the Director and ah Sa for help hahah. Wu Zun talked about his role, Kung Fu is very good, swordmanship is very good. he goes to school and he mets ah Sa and get into a relationship. He said he likes it and will put 200% effort.

The guy with the white shirt, sorry forgot his name. He said that in there is character is pretty important too. He said that he will help the characters figure out their relationship problem and he himself in real life have children so he is used to it.


Part 2 [Director Explain Situation]

The movie Butterfly Lovers hold press conference, the movie's is very interesting. Because the storyline is Wu Zun, Charlene, and Hu Ge are reincarination of the first Butterfly Lover's character.

The one that Charlene talked in mandarin she talked about Thailand is very great, and hope Gillian will visit her in Thailand or Butterfly Lovers. Charlene said that about Nic please ask Nic. Charlene said that about the movie, she feel that Wu Zun is really pretty, even more like a girl pretend to be a guy than herself. She felt that she is very skinny guy hahaha.

Then Wu ZUn on the other hand said that he have been practicing "training" he said the kung fu sequence is not easy so he practice, he said that from now on, his kids in the future will learn Kung fu at a young age. Also besides very excited working with Charlene, the guy with the white shirt, sorry again don't know his name is very funny and excited to work with him.

Not the white shirt guy, he said that you guys wouldn't know but he have been in the industry a long time, but never been in a movie. However, he is very excited.

About the switching roles. Gillian going to Charlene. The Director said, Charlene was my first pick. If you guys have memorie of it, that he talked about 3 female leads. Charlene, Gillian, and Lui Ye Fei. He said I have been writing the script all along for Charlene, however because of many factors, then Gillian was at a point almost taken. However, if gillian have gotten in the role, I would have to rewrite the whole scripte because I wrote it for Charlene.


Part 3

First part about Wu Zun arriving at the airport, and the scene was so crazy that he forget what award the group won at Beijing's awards.

Wu Zun was so crowed and only two female workers protected him. Wu Zun can hardly breath, but he kept his smile and care toward all his fans. Telling fans to becare, etc.

Then Wu ZUn and Charlene meet. Both have very good feeling toward eachother.

Wu ZUn said "She is look like a very easy to be friends with a kind of person."

Charlene," I look like a trouble maker kind of guy, and Wu Zun's facial features is really girl like and perfect. " Then she said that talking with Wu Zun in mandarin is even more funny. Ah Sa, "when I talked to him about gardening in Mandarin, he doesn't get me, when I say in in Cantonese he gets, me. hahhahaha."

Then Wu ZUn have nice pose with kung fu, but when learning it he practice was really hard on him. It was so cold he constantly have headaches. However, he said it is hard, but he is very happy and learned alot.


Part 4

Wu Zun and Charlene met again for the offical press con. In the press con. Both express good feelings toward eachother. Wu Zun said they meet yesterday before the press con. He said "yesterday" that it was so funny, but every interesting. He said that while she was reading her lines she also cried. Asked whether if he care about intimate scenes, he said "If the director put it in he wouldn't mind."

Charlene said that before she was scared of the fans because they might not like her, but can't believe they actually encourage her. Moreover, she commented that fans now days are getting more better, so nice and reasonable!!! As for initimate scenes. It depends on the director adding it in, and the reporters keep asking, so she said "it is suppose to be secret with these stuff. I am not saying we have or not have...

MOST RECENT INFO. About 'Kung Fu Lover'

Wu Zun is suppose to teach Charlene how to use Swords...

Hu Ge and Charlene grow up together, so he already knew that she is a she

Hu Ge love Charlene and thought she did too, but she doesn't.

The family arrange the marriage between Charlene and Hu Ge, but Charlene fell in love with Wu Zun.

Wu Zun and HU Ge will have fighting scene.

Filming location:

  The movie will get up tomorrow in East China starts to photograph, mainly will photograph the place in the Shanghai Songjiang District and Wuxi. It is estimated that National Day around screens in inland.

CREDIT: News Translated & Clips Translated by Livi @ AF.net


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I totally agree with you karen.
Wu Chun looks so weird in those clothing since I always see him i modern clothes.


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wow..humm well its okai i guess ill be waiting to watc then.. my dad in love with kunfu movie sn i am..lol..hehe n is she the girl from twin effects movie?


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wow..humm well its okai i guess ill be waiting to watc then.. my dad in love with kunfu movie sn i am..lol..hehe n is she the girl from twin effects movie?
yeah she is.. i like gillian better though...


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Cool...Hu Ge plays in it !
LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Wu Chun very looks odd in ancient clothes !


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This is actually the 2008-2009 version of "Butterfly Lovers".. i don't know the story.. so.. someone needs to tell me the story...