Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)


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You guys can see the screencaps here from lakorns that samkob requested as well as other lakorns.

tik_aom_luver, well it's kinda hard to tell because there's two scenes that I could remember, and it went on for about 5 minutes or so, but I'm uploading one of the shaky scene right now, so you can see it at this link (it should be up in a few minutes)

solin, I PM you back ^_^


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I notice that there's a static sound in the background in the lakorn Leud Hong (a few shaky scenes), does that static sound go on throughout the lakorn or was it just that scene?

I was wondering if you have Tawan Tor Seng of Kob and Pete?


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Hello from China...

I'm very interested, no make that desperate!! to get hold of ALL of Tik's lakorns. Have seen Kaew Tah Pee but that's it, and the quality's not so good... Will appreciate it very much if anyone's selling them with English subs to let me know... Name your price as there's no way to get any here except watching online but only with Chinese subs :(...

Please please help as I'm new to lakorns but I really enjoyed KTP (my first lakorn)... and Tik's cheeky acting made me laugh... :D

Thanks for any help!!


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^i just want to add that it's VERY HARD to find thai lakorn with ENGLISH sub being available for sale unless fansubber decide to do it themselves.


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Ok so I'm planning on selling old Thai lakorns, so will anybody be interested in buying it? All is need to know from you guys is how many of you are interested, what lakorn are you looking for (please list the Title and actor/actress), do you prefere it in VDO or VCD? please also list the price that would be ok for you? (like $$ per lakorn or $$ per tape/vcd) :rolleyes: cuz my friend have a lot of collection of old lakorns so I might record and sell them to those who are interested :lol:

Here's the list of lakorns with more information that I currently have and will be able to get a hold of it right away upon requests.

Ton Ruk -
Kade/Noon -
14 Discs - Price $35

Kanom Pung gup nam prik -
James/Ann Alicia
8 discs - Price $18

Poochai huajai mai pae -
Mos/Aom Piyada -
13 discs - $32

Sao noi nai takean keaw -
Por/Cathaleeya English -
11 discs - $27

Sang dao fung talay -
Touch/Ning -
10 disc - $23

Proon nee chun ja ruk khun -
Pete/Kat English (???) -
10 discs - $25

Niramit -
Bird/Pop Ariya -
11 discs - $27

Hua jai mee gnao -
7 discs - $17

Dung sawan sarb -
Kob/Por -
11 disc $28

Nang Gwak -
Noon/O Waruth -
10 disc $25

Tonrai Plai Ruk -
O Waruth/Ying Chatcha -
6 disc - $15

Sua 11 Thua -
Au/Ken/Noi/Cherry -
11 disc - $27

Sanae nang nieow -
Joy S./Pip Ravit -
11 disc - $28

Tee Yai -
10 disc - $25

Jaosao Karng Tanon -
O Waruth/Skaojai
10 disc - $20

Ploy lorm petch -
Namfom/Bee S.
10 disc - $25

Muang Dala -
12 disc - $30

Rang Naow -
Anne T./Ken
14 disc - $33

Sapai Jao -
13 disc - $32

Rukloy Lom -
8 disc - $19

Gorwaa ja mai ruk -
Kong/Serrita Jenson
10 disc - $24

Rattikarn Yod Ruk -
Anne T./Johnny
9 disc - $22

I-din gup klin wine -
10 disc - $23

Tokkrai dai huajai ploy jone -
Mam Kathaleeya/Tik
10 disc - $25

Kathaleeya Tee Ruk -
Kat English/??
2 disc - $5

Leurd Torrannong -
Ann Alicia/??
7 disc - $17

Ruk thong ouan -
5 disc - $13

Tawan Thud Burrapa -
12 disc - $30

Ka Neung Ha -
10 disc - $25

Gok gal gala booning -
Au/Mam Kath.
11 disc - $27

Fah Pieng Din -
11 disc - $27

Mae leang kond mai -
11 disc - $25

Kue auy kue kwan -
11 disc - $24

Por Barn Mia peur -
14 disc - $27

Kond 2 Kom -
Mos/Cath. English
10 disc - $25

Ruk soot huajai -
9 disc - $22

Saochai Hi-tech
Sam/Cath. English
6 disc - $18

Dode deaw mai deaw dai -
11 disc - $27

Wang Tong leung -
13 disc - $32

Bang glerg glao -
9 disc - $22

Kor Yute huajai wai pieng ter -
Johnny/Joy R.
13 disc - $10

Dome Tong -
10 disc - $25

Game Thun Ha -
10 disc - $23

Fai Sin cheur -
11 disc - $27

Dung fah rai dao -
10 disc - $25

Sao chai Huajai chicago -
Kong/Lookade Matinee
9 disc - $22

Tham Ruk keun jai -
6 disc - $15

Chaikrup Pom pen chai -
11 disc - $25

Hua jai torranknown -
8 disc - $20

Tayard Set tee -
9 disc - $20

Sua -
9 disc - $20

Pleum -
Job Nitti/Pok
9 disc - $20

Ruk chanun pur ter -
6 disc - $15

Ruk rai undup -
8 disc - $20

Kep Pan din
13 disc - $32

Fai Luang
8 disc - $20

Shipping will depends on how many lakorns you order, but it will now cost $5 b/c the shipping/stamp price just went up
If you order a lot, I will be able to make some discount price for you. Also if you choose to have each disc of lakorn be recorded at 4 hrs instead of 2 hrs, you can do that, and the price will be lower also, plus a menu in the dvd will be available for you to choose which of the 2 parts you would like to watch. I can work something out with you if you don't like these prices

If you want to request any that are not on the list please e-mail, PM me, or post it here and I'll will get back to you. But an e-mail would be much appreciated because it would be more organize for me.

More will be post up soon. :D

Coming Soon : Tawee Pope, Wanida, JaoSao Prisanna, Muang Maya (Mam/Charkit), Supabaruth Look Poo Chai, Thamhuajai pai soot lah (Mew/Willy), Wairai Freshy,

Are you still selling these lakorns and other more? If yes i wanted to list some lakorns if you have it. do you have these 4 lakorns one is theptida rong ngarn, tong and num plays the main role,it air in 2005. the other one are madam yeehoob and Olawon Kon Rai Som both are play by Ning Kullasatree. the last one is rahut rissaya play by
noon and paul. i wonder if you have these lakorns i would want to buy it.
please let me know asap. thanks.


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Hi everyone, I've been gone again, sorry I've been pretty busy (and still are lol)...but for now I do have some new lakorns ^_^ (if my inbox is full, please e-mail me)

Sood sai pan (22 episodes) - $33
Ban Sai Thong (Num/Joy - 31 episodes) - $48

Seub Lup Rahut Ruk (Ken/Vicky) - $16
HuaJai Sila - $20
Kleun Ruk See Kram - $18
Klin Kaew Klang Jai (Sirita/Rome) - $20
Sawan Bieng (Anne/Ken) - $20

(I do have more new lakorns, just let me know which one you're looking for)
i was you still have Sawan Biang?
Blahh. i'm still confuse...after trying to go through 22 pages! Lol
Is it the original version or no? &&The shipping price?
if you still have it and don't mind, can you take a picture of it..the cover?
thanks :D


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I see that you have mostly modern lakorns, do you by any chance have Boran Lakorns as well such as
1- Lasanawong
2- Keaw Ma Nah (?)
3- sadoot rak sadoot fun (?)


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^^^I have that lakorn if you're interested...


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Here are the list of new lakorns that I just added

Nang Sao Wancheun (Pupae/Kelly) - $17
Nang Jone (Janie/Jay Jettarin) - $18
Kom Payabart (Aum/Yui/Vee) - $22
Sai Yai Ruk (Nat Myria/Sam) - $15
Fai Nam Karng (Sam/Sirium) - $13
Sawan Bieng (Kob/Brook) - $27 (rare - perfect quality) 30
ThookaTha Rerng Rabum (Mew/Joe) - $40 (20 episodes total - rare - perfect quality)
Monruk Looktoong (Sarunyu/Numpeung) - $35 (18 episodes total - rare -perfect quality)
Meun Kond La Fark Fah (Jintara/Willy) - $27 (13 episodes total - rare -perfect quality) 30
SaiLoHit (Golf Pootichai/Kob Pimonrat) - $15
So Sanae Ha (Aum/Oil) - $18
Doung Dok Meuy (Pongpat/Nok Jiraya/Jintara) - $20
Huck Liem PraKarn (Sornram/Joy R.) - $15
Roy Ruk Roy Adeed (Captain/Pin) - $20
Kled Morrakote (Ae Isariya/Vee) - $18
Plara Sroung Kreung (Patson/Namfon) - $15
Aii Maa Lek - Ken/Yardtip - $21

Also, you can check out every lakorns that I have at my website here I've added a FAQ page to the website answering questions that you might have. But you can still PM/E-mail me with questions or for the whole lakorn list
Hi there, do you still happen to have kled morrakote??? I've been looking for this drama for the longest time and then I found your post. Please let me know asap.
You can email me at


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Hi annenatalie
Do you still sell lakorn? If you do, how to contact you through email? I can't find anywhere in your profile.
Also, does anyone have/sell complete episode of Lerd Hong @ Phoenix's blood ( Engsub) in DVD?