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Well, Lao New Year is I guess coming up in a couple of days, or like two weeks or so. :p So, what are your guy's plans this year? I guess I'm doing the typical. Going to Saginaw Lao New Year at the temple and maybe Rockwall. There's going to be so much people walking, plus food and music. LOL. Can't wait :D And you can't forget about the shaving cream and water guns :p hehe. So what are YOU going to do for Lao New Year? :D


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I'm going to Sanford for the Lao New Year celebration... and this year I'm planning on going to every single booth and hunt for FOOD!!!!!


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last year i spent the lao new year in luang prabang, this year not sure maybe in thailand also may fly a few friends back to luang prabang,,, will have to decide when i get to thailand end of this week,,, anyhoo looking so forward to the food :)



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I wish there is a hugh celebration in the north east US. There is Cambodian festival around here, though.


Attention all Chicago/Elgin/Barlett/Schaumburg people! Here's the infos to the Lao New Year's Party that will be held on April 11th 2009. This year, the party will be held at a hall, for the first time ever! So, if you're in or near the area, please come and support us! My uncle's DJ-ing :D



Lol You know it! We need all the teens supports as much as possible. Since most teens that goes to the temple on occasions "boon" is to hang out with their friends. So yea. Hahaha, And tuk baht that sunday!​


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they should start using whip cream instead shaving cream. Tgat way, you can just eat it while they spray it all over you.


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We don't have a huge event like other areas. But, we're having our 2nd annual LNY pageant and mini parade. I guess that would be fun. i wished we had famous singers/more performances like other places. But we only have old people who are always debating about stupid stuff so nothing ever gets done.


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nothing much happens where i live.
not many people are into it for some reason... well the teen population.
anyways, probably this year like all year, go to the temple..
listen to music, eat food, play games, and see old people get drunk. XD
i think that's about it.
but i think it would be cool to go to meaung lao and celebrate it there.