sarNie Adult
Thanks for the blog. I'm always curious about lao pop music n stuff because usually all I hear is my parents playing mor lum lol there's nothing bad but its good to hear there's other genre besides mor lum from artist!

Also, I'm interested in the boy band Idolz. One of the guy is really cute haha but there music is pretty good too. Any website of them and where can I listen to more songs? Thanks!


sarNie Egg
I wish there was an official website for them but sadly there isn't.
This is the best I could find:

It isn't much help and you'd need to be able to read Thai.
There's a section for Idolz. ^_^

@anan: thanks I've fixed that and added tags! thanks for your advice :D


sarNie Oldmaid
I love this site. I go to it a lot because Lao pop music is getting better and better. Do you know which youtube Lao record companies are legit? Because I am thinking about asking permission to sub the music.


Ky the Star
^ i think there's the indeerecords one.. but i'm not sure.

anyways, i love that site. help me so much with finding lao music... although thai is good... i want more lao because i like how it's getting bigger and better and want to show others that people of meaung lao can do music too, although not advance, but still something too. i hope that made sense. -_-