Life in your hands (Sila and Minta)


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Chapter 8

Woot watched the girl standing before him, up close she has a sweet look about her. The way her face lit up briefly when recognition made its way to that mind of hers. So, this is Minta, a girl his brother is determined to go after.

“Hello, I’m Woot,” He offered his hand in such a friendly way Minta took it enthusiastically. Probably too much of it because he chuckled.

“Sorry,” Minta still wrapping her hand in his. “I’m a little nervous…”

“I don’t think I ever got your name,” Woot knew her name because his brother had mentioned it once. But he decided to say something seeing the way she smiled trying to hide her nervousness but what struck out the most is a great deal of uncertainty.

“Of course, I’m Minta,” She tried her smile once more, masking all her problems she smiled a freely one that's so unfiltered Woot couldn’t help noticing how it changed her face altogether.

Minta liked the friendly demeanor of Woot, he was rather charming. The long, slender face matches the full eyebrows and a bang that hangs just below his eyes. She could picture Nat resembling him when he grows up, her heart warmed at the thought.

“I’m surprised you don’t want to bite my head off for what my dad did,” She didn’t think he would be so understanding after all he’s Sila’s brother.

“No, I can distinguish between black and white. Sila, well he’s Sila.” They both came to an understanding of what that really meant and lightheartedly laughed in the truth of his statement. “By the way are you here to see someone?” He wasn’t sure if it was his brother so a general questioned would suffice.

“I’m here to see your brother,” She softly admitted, it’s not here to see Sila that’s something she would be embarrassed about but the reason behind it is what made her a little reluctant.

“My brother? Anything in particular?” Woot asked curiously, he was sure she’s not going to reveal the reason why but that’s none of his business. Though between Minta and Sila, he’ll likely get something out of her than him. Now it got Woot wondering, what’s going on with them.

“Oh, it’s business matter,” Which is half of a truth, the other half it’s best to stay hidden.

“I have a little time left, I’ll take you to his office.”

“Are you sure? I can find his office myself. I don’t want to prolong you from anything important.”

“I just got done visiting Sila and was heading out but I have a few minutes to kill beside if I take you, it’s easier to bypass all the questions as to why you are here to see him especially if you don’t have an appointment.”

Minta hadn’t thought about that part, she saw the way he smiled playfully at her and took him up on the offer. Besides, she has someone to talk to taking her mind off from Sila. “Come on, follow me,” Woot cuts into her thinking and lead the way.

She did as that, getting to know Woot in the process with small talks and a few laughter along the short way to Sila’s office.

Sila looked at his phone as it rang, Lana has been trying to get a hold of him but failed miserably. He doesn’t see why she kept up with the task. They were over and even if given the world he would not get back with her. Turning to the information at hand he heard the door opened with left over laughter that sounded like Woot and a girl.

“I take it we are done here?”

Sila nodded but before the figure made it out the door, Woot and Minta walked in pausing halfway.

“Hi, Pie.”

Woot touched the man while Minta kept her eyes on him. He’s the same person she saw at the funeral and the one chasing those drunk men.
He’s younger than she thought, to see him up close he seemed gentle if she’s looking for the right word, yet she knew better to label him such a thing if he’s working closely with Sila. But his name no matter what, is a bit off even if she finds it unique.

“Pie,” She said it silently then repeated it once more. She found it cuter the more she said it and by the third time she didn’t realized she called his name out loud.

Pie glanced at Sila as if he doesn’t know what he should do, seeing what she had done Minta quickly puts her hands over her mouth. Feeling a little embarrassed she intended on taking a step back instead she moved a couple of steps forward the same time Pie turned causing her to fall right into him.

Pie was a little hesitant in touching her at first, knowing there’s something between his boss and Minta but to what extent is what he’s still trying to figure out. But even if he doesn’t know the dept of their relationship or lack thereof he didn’t want to take the chance of her hitting the floor. His arms snaked around her waist he securely held her still.

Minta opened her eyes to see a curious looking Pie staring at her. She didn’t have a chance to say anything when a hand forcefully yanked her up and pulled her away from him.

Woot watched the scene between the three, the way his brother’s expression seeing Minta’s in Pie’s arm was a bit perplexing. He seemed to find it hard to process that Minta was being wrapped up in another man’s arm. And if that’s the case, then why does it bother Sila to the point that if Pie was someone else, he would have punch him in the face. Woot decided, there’s some pieces to the puzzle that are missing. What is really going on between them? But most of all, what game is Sila playing?

He couldn’t come up with a satisfying answer fast enough when Sila opened the door. “Goodbye, Woot.” Sila didn’t say anything to Pie but with a look that comes across as a secret communication between the two Pie nodded and left. Woot on the hand didn’t leave right away.

“Minta give me your phone.”

Confusion was written all over her face, but she did as ask. “I am going to put my number in your phone if Sila ever do anything to you call me.”

If Woot thought that was cute, his brother didn’t quite see it that way. And Minta’s reaction with her smile so carelessly unguarded agitated him even more, grabbing a hold of his arm Sila shoved Woot outside closing the door on him.

When he turned back to Minta she wiped away any trace of a smile. Now that they’re alone the reason why she’s there started to infiltrate her mind, trying to escape the reality of the situation isn’t going to change it now or tomorrow. Letting out a long, stuffed sigh she honestly found it difficult to bring up the subject.

Sila casually walked over to his desk, leaning against the edge of it he slightly crossed his legs seeing that she wasn’t ready to talk he watched her instead, he would be lying if he wasn’t at least a bit surprised that she showed up. He knew she would just didn’t think it’s that soon. She swallowed hard trying to find the courage to continue, even knowing all too well it was a trap laid out for her but even if that’s the case she found herself willingly walk into it because there’s no other alternative. It’s that part where she finds most disheartening. She can’t seem to run away from him, each time she tried she’s back at square one.

“I’m here regarding what we talked about the other day.”

“And what is that?”

Minta shot him a look, playing dumb is the last thing she expect from him but there he is doing exactly that.

“You know what it is,” Crossing her arms, she’s trying not to reach out and strangle him. She didn’t think he was going to make it easy but pretending not to remember is on another level.

“Remind me again.”

The nerve of this man, Minta was going to smack him with her purse if he doesn’t stop with the act. On second thought, if he doesn’t want to remember then that’s perfectly fine. She’s done playing such stupid game with him. She’s in position to agree to his term but to have him continues as if it meant nothing but a joke, it was beyond her ability to accept it. Without another word she heads for the door.

“Three months.”

Minta couldn’t move even if someone push her forward.

From one night to three months, he is out of his mind. She turned so fast she fell backward hitting the door, ignoring the clumsy side of her she stalked over to him. “I am not spending three months with you. The deal was for one night and that’s what I am here for. Not one day more.”

“Business deals changed all the time. I offered you one night, and you didn’t agree to it. So that offer is voided. Today is not yesterday.”

Sila looked at his watch touching the face of it he was in no hurry to further their conversation knowing the ball is in his court not hers.

“You can’t go back on your words,” Her voice began to grow the more she tried talking to him. “Forgot it, I should never come here.”

Her hand touching the doorknob was as far as she got.

“I know you would not be here if it wasn’t your last resort. You can walk out the door, but can you watch one more time seeing your brother that way.”

And there it was, the reason and only one she’s there in the first place, making a business deal that really isn’t because it involved her life, basically handing her life to the man she hates most for a period of time. She gritted her teeth, her head rested on the door briefly before she turned to Sila.

“One month.”

“Three and a half.”

Minta mouth opened.

She glared at him standing there so relaxed acting like he’s ordering food from a menu. He’s the expert in negotiating while she has none, with the rate she’s going before she leaves his office, she probably walked away with a one- year contract which would be a disaster.

“Two months… take it or leave it,” She held firm in her answer, locking eyes with him she didn’t dare blink.

Sila smiled as proved that he won this round. He made his way to the door raking her body with his eyes once, reaching out to touch her hair only for her to moved away, missing it by a couple of inches.

“Ah, didn’t we just agree on a deal. What if I want the two months to start now?” He traced her arm so gently she felt a shiver running up it, trying to ignore him she brushed his hand aside.

“Give me a week or so to prepare myself. You aren’t Prince Charming where I can just fall into your arms and be happy about it.”

And this time even if Sila doesn’t want to react to her comments he found himself laughing. It caught her by surprised because his laugh has a warmth to it. She then dismissed that very notion when he came closer and closer until she was trapped between the door.

He’s beginning to think he has an obsession, with her hair when his hand on its own accord took a few strands of it rolling around between his fingers. “You are not allowed to break the deal under any circumstances.”

Minta puts her hands up pushing on his chest, looking up at him she figured it was a mistake. “If my brother is taken care of don’t worry. I give you my words, two months will be that.”

Sila lifted her face to him. “You have my word.”

When he saw the way her face softened, as if a heavy weight had just lifted off her shoulders, he found himself smiling along, not realizing that single smile meant so much more if Sila took the time to define it. But he was caught up in the moment of having her where he wanted, he forgot that the game he’s playing not only trap her but him as well. Sila was about to say something when the door pushed opened so hard, it knocked Minta off her balance flying straight into his arms.

“Who the hell are you, leave him alone.”

Lana tried to pull Minta away from Sila’s arms, but he turned around blocking Lana from touching her. When he said, no one was going to hurt her without his permission he meant it.

Minta trying to peek from under his arms but it was no use, he shielded her with his body, she can’t even see a thing or what the woman looks like, but one thing she’s certain of the woman is not happy.

“You left me for her,” Came the accusation that’s not even remotely correct.

Minta tried wiggling out of his arms she has no interest in being part of a lover’s quarrel. But the more she tried the tighter she felt his arms around her became, what is he up to? Can’t he tell by the woman’s voice she’s going to snap very soon.

“Let me go,” she mouthed.

Sila’s lips went slightly upward, shaking his head he could see that she’s furious when she’s unable to break free. “If you stand still, it’ll be better for you,” He whispered.


He reluctantly let go of Minta and turned to Lana.

“What is going on? I know I made a mistake, but you can’t cut me off completely from your life,” She couldn’t be angry at Sila but took it out on Minta, Lana’s deadly stare aimed directly at her.

“I do as I see fit,” He said pointedly. “We are over I didn’t think I needed approval from you,” He was done with her and Lana is so frustrated that she has no idea what to do.

“You can’t move on from me that fast and jump into another relationship, you probably cheated on me too,” Sila’s face became stern and made Lana wished she picked different words.

Minat darted her eyes back and forth between them, what has she gotten herself into? A man with an ex-girlfriend that is not ready to let go and she’s standing there being accused of being the other woman. She wants nothing to do with it, trying to excuse herself she backed away looking for the door when she felt Sila’s hand grabbed her wrist.

“And if she’s someone I am seeing I don’t see what it has to do with you.”

How deep is his game? Minta agreed to the two months just between them and no one would ever know that part, but now he’s dragging her into a messy breakup.

Minta tired with no success prying his hand away.

Lana, one that doesn’t learn the first time, went for Minta the second time but like the first Sila brushed her hand away. “Look at her carefully Lana and remember her face. If you ever so hurt her, you wished you’ll never met me,” Sila said it without hesitation.

“Are you threatening me?” Lana asked crossing her arms.

“Take it however you want.”

Sila finally let go of Minta’s hand when he realized she wasn’t going to stop digging into his skin with her nails.

“You like her that much because I never see you protect anyone like this average looking girl.”

Protect me? Minta almost pointed at herself. If Lana only knew.

“She belongs to me I will protect what is mine.”

Belong to him? What is it with these two? First protect, now belong. She has no idea what they are talking about but before she could get a word in, she was stop short by Sila raising a hand. Minta thought it was directed at her, but it was for Lana.

Sila reached an ending point walking to his desk he dismissed Lana. “You know where the door is at, it’s time for you to leave Lana.”

Even if Lana wasn’t going, Minta took the chance to quickly opened the door and ran out, she heard Sila called her name, but she has no intention of stopping. She thought one night was one night too many to spend with him, now she found herself with an agreement of two months. She’s trying desperately hard to see the positive that two is better than three, but she knew better than to believe it is so. Her life is in his hands for two long months and after that, what then?
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Chapter 9

A week went by and Minta settles into a routine, she liked that her life in a sense resembled the old one, where it’s just her, Nat and Milan. Nat seemed to be doing better after he got out of the hospital and true to his words Sila did managed to find one of the best doctors out there to see him. His breathing is so much better and his asthma has been under control. The smile on her brother’s face when he could be a normal kid made her felt like the decision, she made accepting the deal with Sila wasn’t in vain.

She heard the thunder roaring and knew the rain is coming soon. She smiled to herself, she needed some rain in her life. She longed for those days when she’s alone and dreamed of a faraway place. Resting her arm over her head she thought back to the conversation that made the week so quiet. Minta had asked Sila for a week to get used to being with him, it was such an off handed comment she didn’t think he would agree to it, but he did and she’s grateful for that, it was a much needed, break.

And if the two months just breezed by without seeing him, who is she to complain? It would have been the best deal she’ll ever make but of course, she’s not living in a fantasy. He’ll come collecting on his side of the deal, that much it’s a guarantee.

Minta stretched her arms out while lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Since it’s a Saturday, she has nowhere to go and wanted to relax for once. But when she heard the clock ticking no matter how lazy she felt, it was breakfast time and that’s a precious moment she would never miss.
She walked almost lazily to the table where Nat and Milan had breakfast waiting.

“I thought you’re going to sleep until lunch.”

Messing with her brother’s hair she took a seat next to him. “Since when I missed breakfast with you?”

“Since never,” Nat playfully bumps her arm.

Minta heard her phone buzzed, she wondered who is texting her early in the morning but when she read her text message she couldn’t believe her eyes. She was in such a blissful mood now the day she dreaded just came and even if she knew it was going to happen, she’s still not quite ready for it. The text was from no other than Sila. She could picture his arrogant voice through his text message: Your two months starts next Saturday a package should arrive shortly. Follow the instruction carefully. I will pick you up, don’t disappoint me.

That was it, what a delightful of a message to get in the morning. She pushed her phone to the side breakfast is more important, scooping a spoonful of porridge it almost made its way to her mouth when there’s a knock on the door. Minta puts her spoon down. “I’ll get it,” She didn’t rush, there’s no point when the person behind it had alerted her beforehand.

Instead she dragged her feet, but it made no difference because she wasn’t living in a mansion where it takes forever to get to the door, no her house was small enough where a few steps would reach it. Signing for the package she walked even slower back to the table because she’s going to have to explain some things to Nat and her Aunt, she’s in no mood to bring Sila up if she doesn’t have to.

“Open it,” Nat said excitedly.

“Why? You are acting like there’s something in there for you.”

“I still want to see, opening a package is fun because you don’t know what’s inside especially if you are not expecting it.”

“Fine, you open it,” Minta gave it to her brother.

Milan smiled and nodded for Nat to open it. “How exciting,” He said in such a tone that it was hard for Minta to feel discourage by what’s inside.

But she has a bad feeling watching Nat tearing through the package little by little and can’t seem to shake it off when Nat finally got it opened and pulled the object out all three stared at it speechless.

Minta lifted it up her eyes fixated on it for so long she didn’t think she blinked once. It was one of the ugliest dress she had ever seen. Not that she has the luxury of owning a whole lot of them but what she held in front of her was just awful. Who in their right mind think it’s pretty?

Nat read the note that came with the dress. “The dress is for you, wear it to the banquet on Saturday,” He turned to Minta. “What banquet are you going to?”

“Obviously something I just learned about,” She took the note from him. But the dress, she was not going to wear such a hideous looking thing. She got up and puts it next to her body and they all laughed.

It was a long beige dress, with ruffles everywhere. Did Sila think it was winter where she had to wear a long sleeves dress with buttoned up neck and ruffles around it?

Milan got up and pulled on the dress to look it over. She touched the material, which was a pretty good quality, it was silk. But the style was plain ugly no way around it.

“I can make it work.”

Nat and Minta looked at her the same time. “How are you going to fix a dress like this?” Minta pointed to the ruffles.

She was sure Sila picked it out himself, no girl could come up with a dress so…so out of the norm and think it’ll work. Even a super model would look ridiculous in such a dress, imagine someone like her. She’ll end up looking like a pumpkin that was carved out wrong.

“Trust me, once I am done, you’ll be a pretty little thing. And by the way, who are you going to the banquet with?”

Minta could tell her about Sila but not about the reason why she’s with him. “Sila.”

But if she thought the name would not bring out some curiosities, she was wrong, her brother and Milan quietly stared at her as if they heard her wrong. Milan knew there’s something suspicious going on since that day when Nat went into the hospital, but she didn’t know the whole story and she’s unlikely to get one. All she hoped is Minta knows what she’s doing.

Minta handed the dress to Milan, she turned back to her breakfast but instead of eating it she looked out the window where a few raindrops starting to make its way down, her thoughts already began to drift away. And just when her mind began to start jumping around there’s an urgent knock on the door. All three turned to the door at once but Minta was the first to get up, opening it she stood surprised seeing Pie on the other side.

“What are you doing here?” Not that she’s trying to be rude, but she couldn’t find the purpose of him standing in front of her door.

Pie reached into his pocket and extracted a key, handing it to her he stepped aside to reveal a new car, not just any car but a beautiful silver BMW. She looked at the key then to Pie. “What is going on?”

Just when she questioned him, the rain came down harder. Pie quickly looked at the sky then at his wet self. Before he could explain Nat and Milan were right beside her.

“Sis, did you buy a new car?”

“Where would I get the money?” She handed the key back to Pie. “I think you are mistaken I didn’t buy this car.”

Pie smiled, a very small one and turned to walk off. “My boss said to bring it to you, so it’s yours.”

If Pie meant for that information to make her happy or made any sense it did the opposite. She was livid. What does Sila take her for? Yes, she agreed to the two months with him, but it was meant to be a backdoor deal not to broadcast it to the world. And if it’s not obvious before, the dress and now the car would make anyone think there’s something between them more than meet the eyes.

Seeing that Pie was about to walk off she chased after him. “Pie take this back to your boss and tell him I can’t accept it.”

Pie backed away acting like she handed him something dangerous. “I can’t do that, he said make sure you get it. It’s yours to keep.”

Pie knew better than to go against Sila’s order. He was adamant for Pie not to leave her house until the key is in her hand. And he did just that, now whatever she wanted to do with the car was between them, walking faster to get away from Minta, he quickened his steps and was gone before Minta could utter another word.

Squeezing the key in her hand she felt the edge of the metal pricking her skin. She stood in the rain wearing her pajamas looking at the car that she has no desire to touch. She doesn’t want to know what was in his head when he bought her the car but with such move Sila made her feel cheap. As if she’s selling herself to him, in exchanged for her service he provides her with whatever money can buy. If that’s what he wanted all along then she needs to congratulate him for making her feel dirty.

She heard Milan called her name but everything else seemed to drowned out by the weight of the rain, she didn’t know how long she stood there, visibly angry at Sila but more so at the fact, this is what her two months with him will come to. Why can’t the rain just wash away the ugly parts of life, can’t it hear her begging to make everything stop.

“Come inside sweetie, you are going to get sick,” Milan held an umbrella over Minta, but no amount of umbrella was going to cover one man’s determination to make her lose it all.

“I need to return this car,” She said it to herself more than to her Aunt.

“What’s really going on between you and Sila?”

Minta heard the question loud and clear even if the rain was competing, she couldn’t explain it no matter how hard she tries. What was she going to tell her Aunt? She can sprinkle some lies here and there, still no amount of make- believe story was going to make her deal with him any more appealing.

She ran into the house as fast as she could, changing into dry clothes, she threw on a hat and heads out the door before Milan could stop her. Arriving at Sila’s company she walked right up to the receptionist. It was the same woman Minta encountered before.

“Do you have an appointment?” But when the receptionist noticed Minta she offered a tiny smile. “He doesn’t have anything available. And he did tell me he’s not to be interrupted,” The receptionist does remember Minta. She always sensed there’s something going on between them. “Let me take my chance and I’ll let him know you are here.”

Minta smiled and said, thank you.

“Hello, sir, there’s a Minta here to see you,” She didn’t get to say anything more when Sila said to send her to his office and hung up, smiling sweetly she looked at Minta. “He said go ahead.”

“Thank you, again,” Minta offered a sincere smile knowing it was not easy making that call.

Once she walked off the receptionist smiled to herself, she knew Minta must have meant something to her boss, on a very busy day with barely any breaks he would not let just anyone interrupt him. But to what height of her importance to him is the question. She answered the phone when it rang, it doesn’t matter because Minta was the first person since Woot, he has not denied. And that says a lot of what he thinks about her. The receptionist made note to herself, if it’s Minta it’s better to ask than to flat out turn her away.

Minta pushed opened the door only to find Sila buried in his work, the moment he noticed her he lifted his finger to let her know he’ll be with her once he’s done.

She took a seat across from him rubbing her thumbs together she looked around the office only to find herself coming back to Sila. She has never seen him work with such deep concentration. He looked so determined but in a sense there’s a quiet charm that’s hidden so far down only a time like this where one gets to see that side. His eyes never left the task at hand. He’s peaceful and approachable. She smiled widely without realizing it.

“You must have seen something good or else you wouldn’t be smiling like a fool,” Sila finished and got up.

Of course it didn’t last long, all what she just saw went out the window once any sound came out of his mouth.

“What brought you here today?” Sila asked even if he already knew why. Minta slammed the key on his desk, it didn’t get any reaction from him beside glancing at it quickly. “I see Pie delivered the car to you.”

She moved to stand in front of him. “What does it mean, look, I agreed on the two months, but it doesn’t mean you treat me like a kept girl, or whatever it is one wants to label it. I don’t want the car.”

Sila uncrossed his arms and slightly lean against the desk. “And you think I am doing it for your benefit?” He asked as if he couldn’t believe she thought that. “I never do anything where it doesn’t benefit me.”

His hand almost reaching for her hair, he pulled it back.

“You’re something else.”

She didn’t want to admit what he just said made a little ache in her heart, but it did, and she couldn’t explain it. This is who he really is. His side of the deal was to get her brother better and Nat has slowly showed improvement anything else, Sila’s in control. She agreed to it so why is it still hard to hear harsh words from him? She should have low expectations so when things like this happened, she’s all too familiar and shouldn’t let it get to her.

He walked away from her to sit in the chair forcing Minta to turn around. It was a much better view from where he’s at. He can take her in without missing anything. He hated that for one week when he didn’t get to see her it was bothering him. He tried everything he could to distract himself but getting her image out of his head was an uphill battle. It was easier to hate her than to missed her. He watched Minta standing there with a hat on, plain white T-shirt and faded jeans, yet the simplicity of her outfit made her that much prettier in his eyes. Even if the hat did its job by somewhat concealing her face, it was too late for him. Because he remembered it as if it’s been etched inside his heart. Almost cursing himself for being attracted to her, he lowered his eyes to the floor for what seemed like a time that went on and on. When he finally looked up, he saw her weirdly looking at him, her eyes wondering what he’s up to.

Just as well, it was time to make use of his two months with her.

He stood up, now it was his turn to stand in front of her making Minta leaned against the desk to avoid from touching him. “I want you to have a car so it’s easier for me, whenever I want you, you’ll have transportation.”

“What does that mean?” She doesn’t consider herself to be dumb but around Sila she literally is lost most times.

“Your first mistake is to never agree on something you don’t know the fine details to,” He mockingly patted her cheek.

Minta came forward. “What are you talking about?”

“And what do you think is going to transpire within that two months? You think all I want from you is to talk?”

She felt a little red in the face, swallowing hard she didn’t reply.

“That’s where the inexperienced meet the ruthless. If I want you to spend a night with you, you will have a reliable car instead of the one that’s bound to die in the middle of the road.”

She is very stupid and naïve to think that was not part of the deal. And what did she think was going to happen? Where all he wants is to sit and talk or eat dinner. He wanted to win against her at all cost, and this was the price she had to pay, no, this was what she agreed to pay.

Sila removed the hat from head causing her hair to spill over her shoulders, reaching out he tucked one side behind her ear. Minta didn’t move but the deep breathing was obvious his action agitated her. “It’s more than just you coming to see me in the office. If I want to sleep with you, then you are in no position to deny me of that.”

The corner of his mouth moved so smoothly, like he was born to do that. She tried to push him away, but he didn’t budge. Instead he seemed to be closer. “I am not sleeping with you,” Her voice was crisp but in the very pit of her stomach she’s not fooling anyone especially him.

“Oh, you will. But I am not the type that’ll force any woman to sleep with me. It’s a lot more fun when she’s willing,” He moved so effortlessly and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her into him. “I’ll wait for the day when that happens.”

His words came out like a whisper between his lips and touched hers. He lowered his head, but she knew that kissing wasn’t his true intention. She leaned backward to get a closer look of his face he wasn’t teasing, but he was dead certain that they’ll end up sleeping together before the two months is up.

“Let go of me,” She kept on leaning backward but it’s like trying to get away from arms of steel. “I soon be begging on the street than to sleep with you.”

And without notice he lets go. Minta found herself halfway to the floor, straightening herself she kept a distance between them. He gave out a smirk, knowing she has no way out. Her brother he assumed is worth more than what she’s willing to give up.

“How’s your brother doing?”

She hated him for threatening her that way.

“Once the two months is up, I don’t ever want to see your face.”

“Wait,” He called out once she was about to open the door. “You forgot something,” He picked up the key from his desk, holding onto it he waited for her to come to him.

“You can keep the car I will find another way.”

“Do you want me to come to your house?”

Minta took a very much needed deep breath, if this isn’t hell, she has no idea what is, making her way back to him she attempts to grab the key from his hand.

“I am counting the day till you are out of my life. Each day that you are in it, is the worst,” She puts her hand out. “Give me the key so I can leave.”

Sila stood there pressing the key to his hand so hard he felt the metal poking his skin. Why can’t he end it with her? Destroying her takes less effort than getting up in the morning but somehow, he managed to get Minta involved in his life more and more. Was this the revenge he is seeking? What if it goes so deep that even he can’t find a way out, then what of him?

Putting his hands behind his back he switched the key to a different hand. “I don’t want to keep you any longer than what we agreed on. I’m not doing it because I like you, far from it. The things I do will only help me achieve my goal and there’s never a time where I considered what it’ll do to you.”

He saw the pain crept on her face then made its way to her eyes that glared at him. She didn’t say anything else, yanking the key from his hand she took off. He silently took in her retreating back, lowering his head he brought the hand that has a couple of red marks on it from the key.

“How far will I take this?”
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