Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her Kiss [Ken T. & Aom S.]


sarNie Egg
Lords of Wicked:
Ken Theeradeth, Barry Nadech, Mark Prin, Ken P., Aum A., and Boy Pakorn
Lords of Wicked Story #1: Tempted By Her Kiss
Story #1: Ken & Aom​

                                When you wish upon a star…​

               Got what she, Lady AmPawn Thanasukolwit, wants but not what she expected was
devastating. Lady Am wished to marry by the end of the year to fulfill her
father’s wish. But she had never expected that she’ll be married to the rogue
widower and one of the Lords of Wicked, Lord Annuthat Praphasirirat.​

                                …get what you hated the most…​

                Lord Annuthat swore that he’ll never marry again, but due to his irresponsible brother, he
married the young chit, Lady Am. Lady Am is totally the kind of girl he had
thought she was…not until she turned fiery because of his mistress accusation.
And that totally turns Annuthat on!...​
New Writer: QueenPendi<3​