Mai Davika (Preaw vol. 37 no. 867 October 2015)


. : Lady Yue : .
Who picks this photo of her as the cover? Not a wise choice. She has no neck. Her pose & smile look uncomfortable, her make up is not great, it makes her face looks pale, her hair is messy. I am thinking the magazine is for the Fall season since she wears the black wool jacket & if it is for the Fall season and with her make up making her face looks pale, she looks like Dracula's wife. Hopefully the inside photos would come to rescue the cover photo.


I actually really like this cover. Her eyes stand out great and looks great with the make-up also. Messy hair is actually quite in nowadays.


sarNie OldFart
I swear her nose gets sharper each time I see her. I like the eyes and OK with messy hair. I love messy hair actually. I don't like how the jacket cover neck making look like the face doesn't belong to the body


. : Lady Yue : .
I like messy hair when the hair is dry & has volume to them but when the hair is wet & messy then no for me lol...Mai's hair looks wet & flat in cover photo.