[Mainland 2019] Under the Power 锦衣之下


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Chinese title: 锦衣之下 / Jin Yi Zhi Xia
English title: Under the Power
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Episodes: 55
Director: Yin Tao (尹涛)
Broadcast Period: Dec/28/2019
Ren Jialun (任嘉伦) As LuYi (陆绎)
Tan Songyun (谭松韵) As Yuan JinXia (袁今夏)
Han Dong (韩栋) As Yan ShiFan严世蕃
Ye Qing (叶青) As Shang GuanXi (上官曦)
Yao Yi Chen (姚奕辰) As XieXiao(谢霄)
Xi Xue (习雪) As LinLing (林菱)
Han Cheng Yu (韩承羽) As Lan DaoXing (蓝道行)
Yao YiChen (姚奕辰) As XieXiao (谢霄)
LuHong (路宏) As Yang Yue (杨岳)

Base on LanShi Novel, where it talks about the sergeant during the Ming Dynasty where they were order to get into the depth of XiuHe disappearance in YangZhou, the six woman constables were order to assist LuYi.

LuYi & JinXia started off at the wrong foot where both had a love & hate relationship, as feeling deepen, they were thrown into another conspiracy upon conspiracy, how will things turn out to be?


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I already have a lot to watch but if this has English subtitles, I will definitely added to my long list lol


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I've been watching this one. Didn't actually expect to see a thread on it here. I mean, I should've expected it but didn't. LOL