[Mainland] Love Me, If You Dare


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I agree, phatman. 
I was at the Soompi thread for LMIYD and some people definitely felt the same. Xie Han made a good bad guy. He really did a good job by making you believe he was the real culprit but too bad he wasn't. His acting was good too! 
Hopefully there is a second season and not just rumors. I would love to see more. The ending wasn't as satisfying like I would have wanted, but I mean it was good by being suspenseful. 


sarNie Granny
Just finished the series . Yup, not much romance lolll but boy , do I love the FBI girl , darn it forgot her name . if there a season 2 , please do not add drama bwt the couple , those give me headaches , I don't mind if it all about the crime investigation cause I love detectives show. I actually like the novel more ^^^^


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What this ended? Another drama on my list to finish. I swear it just keeps growing. My list is probably 5 years old ahaha Im being serious, I have a physical notepad specifically for that reason.


Haha. Fun, you sure did miss out on our discussion. Don't worry I'm behind on other things too. Haha.


Expired Sarnie
Another Ding Mo novel is getting a live action! Although I have yet to finish this, I have been reading the novel. And after half way through the novel I've started on another one written by the same writer, When a Snail Loves. I absolutely love WASL to the point where I dropped LMIYD.

Best of all, I love the cast, Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen. Loved them in Ode to Joy.


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Can't believe I was so late to this but halfway through and I'm loving it. Mainly for Wallace and his character. The dude is hilarious.