[Mainland] Well Intended Love (Web Series)


Expired Sarnie
Well Intended Love 2 is currently airing which will end on March 12, 2020. This will contained spoilers, you have been warned.

I have yet to watch season 2 since I wanted to finish the first season. You can watch either season. Season 2 has no connection to the first season other than same cast with the same character names. Quite stupid in my opinion. I believe they just wanted to borrow the name and label it as a season 2 since the first one was such a hit.

Now talking about the popularity the first season received, WELL INTENDED, MY FOOT!!!

I watch a lot of f**ked up drama but this.. sigh... how in the world was this a hit?! I am half way through the drama and had to pause to vent my frustration. So the premise is quite stupid, lead girl has leukemia and lead man has a matching bone marrow. He agrees to help her if she marries him. It was cute while it lasted until they drop a big fat bomb on the viewers- it was all a ploy by the lead man to get the lead girl to fall in love with him.

He faked her illness. The writer tried to romance it. Hello! He stalked her for 2 damn years. Manipulated her and the doctor that she has leukemia. Forced her into a marriage (yes it is forced cause he made her pick life or death). Yes he did a lot for her but he restricted her freedom. He literally tracks her ever move, takes photos, does not allow male contact, has a curfew, etc. This is not romantic at all. His intention was not well intended.


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I tried watching it but just couldn't get into it. A lot of people were into them but I just couldn't get I to them as a couple. So never finished season 1 and has no interest in season 2.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I never finished S1 because it got really annoying at some point.

I could overlook most of the crazy stalking etc. But the thing that got me was the constant dumb twist the writer kept making up.

The leads have really good chemistry. Wish the writer had better sense.

From ppls review, they say S2 is like a reboot of S1 without the crazy plot twists.


Expired Sarnie
I am almost done with the first season. They have chemistry and I like them together. If it wasnt for that, I would have dropped this after episode 6. In the second half of season 1, the table has turn. Mumu became the character I could not stand. For once, Yi Zhou was right about his step brother and for her to stay away from him. There really is no twist, just a bunch of trope string together.

Contract marriage check
Amnesia check
Drugging check
Hypnosis check
Stalking check
Love Triangle check (although they quickly killed it off, thank goodness)
Pregnancy check
Kidnapping check
Fake death check
Noble Idiot check

A drama can really work with all these cliche but this was just so in your face kind of thing.

As for season 2, I read that it is just fluff (eye-candy) and nothing else...
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Expired Sarnie
I lost a lot of brain cell trying to figure out why this was so popular lol

They need to stop dubbing, it doesn’t allow viewers to hear the real intonations, or the tones of voice of the original actors. The voices don't match or sync to the actor's mouth. I don't understand, they say it's hard for people to understand because if the many dialects but isn't that what Chinese character subtitles are for? Plus they're wasting money on hiring voice actor when the money should be invested in better script writers. There is a handful of really good writers and an awful load of terrible ones. This one is so bad, I am not even sure if writing is the right profession.

And the female lead lip botheted the hell out of me. I wanted to apply chapstick on her every time she pops up om screen. She looks better with straight hair at the end.