Mango sauce


sarNie Elites
does anyone know how to make it...its the one where its really spicy and u put shrimp paste in it...can someone give me the recipe...


i don't put shrimp paste in mine but i make it with fish sauce i can give u the way i make it. i love sour mangos.

this is the liquid sauce:

man i don't know my measurements, but here goes:

using a small bowl for sauce, put in about 1/4 of the bowl the fish sauce

about 3 spoons of sugar

about 1 & 1/2 of ground dried red pepper

1/4 spoon of msg [you don't really need it]

1 spoon of ground rice that has been burned so it's brownish [kao kore]

mix it all together and stir, you're get a thick sauce, but if you prefer watery, add more fish sauce, or fix it to your liking. :)
this way is sorta like the thai nam plah warn. and i prefer it refrigerated.


i don't have a pix of just the sauce but i took a pix of my sour berries in the sauce, the reason why it's dark is because of the kao kore, u don't need to put it in if you don't want your sauce to be dark, it's just the fish sauce and sugar and hot pepper

here's a pix


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okay I think I know what you are talking about.
first put 3 spoons of sugar
ground fresh peppers (as many as you like) with the sugar
add fish sauce till all the sugar and pepper is soaked a
add half a table spoon of shrimp paste
mix well..

I think that's it =)


lol oh so it's the same thing i did with shrimp paste hahah.

kev, it's a mango sauce... i thought the title says it all already haha.

lol tim... u eat spicy food?

lol lek... hahaha well she asked for a pix. :p


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i love mango sauce. i put shredded mangos with fresh and dry chilli pepers and fish sauce. omg i'm salivating lol.

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^ Ah i know right?!?!! I used to eat those berry with peppers a lot back when I was in RI. -_- Now I don't cuz i'm in NC...and we don't know where to find them at. *boohoooooooooooo*

I HATE YOU NING! haha jk