Margie Rasri Balenciaga


Mrs James Ma
10 Thai celebs with highest IG followers
1 Aum P
2 Chompoo
3 Boy Pakorn
4 Mai Davika
5 Woonsen
6 Ploy Cherman
7 Margie
8 Kim
9 Yaya
10 Mario

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sarNie Oldmaid
Margie along with Tik, Janie and other personalities attended a Watsons event.

Would love to see TikMargie together in a lakorn :D

Will post pictures maybe later since I'm using tablet right now...
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sarNie Oldmaid
Margie at Watsons event
Credits to Tik Jesdaporn fanpage/as tagged

13731669_1054023401319192_1281111201347792882_n.jpg 13754443_1054023441319188_5828883248985668528_n.jpg 13700219_1054023494652516_3106981406380053347_n.jpg 13718809_1054023534652512_4762644590626411143_n.jpg 13718688_1054023567985842_5953335726975575890_n.jpg 13701024_1053595771361955_1588102893869221639_o.jpg 13765742_1053595704695295_1264460790380369333_o.jpg 13701110_1053595668028632_1724078971604370587_o.jpg 13775436_1053594764695389_2380132346151530655_n.jpg 13781847_1053594768028722_3356234596804824614_n.jpg
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