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Translation of Mark Prin's interview after his event for I'm Chinatown last January 16, 2020 in which the media asked him about his thoughts of Kim catching the wedding bouquet at Mew-Saint wedding, their new year trip in Korea and his picture with Mint Chalida.
R: Kim got the flowers from Mew's wedding
M: "It is considered lucky for the new year. Better that we consider that as like that. Amen! Good luck. Lucky."
R: How was the wedding that day? Did you anticipate to be in that event? (the flower catching)
M: "At first, I didn't think I would get anything because she chose a good place and is at the front. I thought Mew will have a lot of energy it appears that Mew has no energy to throw and then she drop here (Kim's position)
Wow.. like Mew was aiming (on Kim's place) That's exactly it. (pause) considered that it was fate that put that in."
R: A lot of people tease you that day.
M: "They tease "congratulations" (on your wedding). We said to calm down. Not yet."
R: In the clip, it looked like you were stunned. Did you secretly wipe your sweat away?
M: "Oh, again. Is it anymore?(laugh) I'm glad to brought the flowers back home."
R: When Kim got the flowers, people are energized about the wedding.
M: "They probably saw how long we have been dating. They also might cheer."
R: Is it near for it to happen or not?
M: "Um...we have to go back and think hard now. (laugh). But as I always say and respond, it will be the right moment whenever it is then."
R: But this is the second time she got the flowers.
M: "Again still. More pressure. (laugh) That's right. The 3rd flower is fine. The 4th flower is fine. We are also waiting for the right moment (to marry)."
R: Pressured?
M: Pressured for many years. I'm already used to it by now.
R: This year may be more special than the other years?
M: It makes us do more homework, study more, think a lot.
R: Started to think of what the wedding would be, right?
M: "You can say it like that."
R: Did you consulted from friends that are already married?
M: "Do not let me talk. That moment will be joyous whenever then."
R: After going to friend's wedding, does it make you want to get married already?
M: "Honestly, I want it. It is in a lot of things. With all the aspects, we want to plan the future properly and gradually puffed up. Now, we are trying to work to make money and to save."
R: In that sense, had you thought about the wedding and what concept will it be?
M: "This one, I have to ask her again. I still don't know but guessed her way out, she likes flowers."
R: If there is a wedding, she will be the designer, right?
M: "Must be like that. She is the one who will decides everything (laugh)"
R: After receiving the flowers, have you talked regarding the wedding?
M: "Um...we didn't really talk, just playful chattering. Well, lucky, considered lucky together."
R: Must have a moment to propose first?
M: "Wait and see. Say it in a moment Will not be surprised at the same time No surprise, nothing. "
R: Is it hard work to come up with a surprise?
M: "Not heavy. Actually, it's easy. Kim, she already has everything. She like simplicity the most. I considered it to be not difficult. "
R: A simple surprise?
M: "Does it mean a surprise? Oh! It's difficult (laugh) because her ears are so fast (means Kim can hear details easily), her eyes are very big, she see something, she already knows about it. I have to plan very well. Have to be smooth."
R: Is MK hotter than before?
M: "Really? Should love each other more."
R: Do you have any plans for the location or not yet?
M: "Calm down. Not yet. Didn't yet reach that much."
R: Do you have a place in mind?
M: "Have not thought yet. As said when it's right, it's time, if you want to propose when you want to propose."
R: No lightning news?
M: "No (laughs). At this period, remained calm. Go to work first."
R: Ask for the Korean trip.
M: "It's fun, went to celebrate the new year there, go to the countdown there, go see fireworks there. It's the first time to see fireworks like that. It's very good. Hoping to go to the cool weather, want to skate. want to go see fireworks, everything goes as planned."
R: But this trip also has a dramatic drama like Diana accused of being a "roadblock".
M: "Yes. That day I woke up and opened my phone to see and read the news, oh bad luck, so message in the group asked Diana what's wrong with Diana. I don't see it. it's very normal. I don't want people to think like that. It's negative thinking, I don't know what they think, but there's nothing."
R: Being teased as "roadblock"?
M: "Very sorry. Actually, we went there as a large group. There was P'Maprang, her manager, and many friends. Have chat with her, she is also comfortable too, she must have met a lot So don't say much, laugh to pass, but I feel bad for her, sorry for Diana. She don't deserve to be said like that. I think it's because of the hater.
R: Recently Tu Piyawadee post a photo taken with Mint Chalida, people are quite surprised?
M: "It would be more surprising if we were in a lakorn together (laugh). Actually, there is no problem anymore like I told everyone, we say clearly everything, the end is the end, can take picture together, maybe have work together, Just like that."
R: Will the fans be happier?
M: "Consider it a new year with good things."
R: Is there a chance to meet a lot?
M: "Oh.. I don't often meet friends right now, every person is busy filming, still trying to make an appointment, if there is a chance, it will be a good thing again."
R: Waiting to wait for a lakorn with a script to play together?
M: "As you know, not yet but I'm about to start the lakorn, Game Lah Torachon. A reunion with Taew too. It's a modern action lakorn. Metta will definitely not let everyone down, hot or not because of the audience, you Can't decide. I try to do my best in everything and act with Mr. Top Jaron too he is working out, Taew also practicing, I have to practice too."

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New pictures :) 1-18-2020

Mark and Kim with Mario and CH3 Executives already arrived in Chanthaburi province for the CH3 Charity Infinity Run tomorrow. (1-19-2020) Marathon starts at 5am Thai Time.

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