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VogueWedding Revealing the most exclusive pre-wedding photo set :icon12: (Part 2)

VogueWedding Revealing the most exclusive pre-wedding photo set of the couple "Mark Prin Suparat" @mark_prin and "KimberleyAnneWoltemas" @Kimmy_kimberley Direct delivery from Italy amidst the most warm atmosphere and the romantic feelings of the bride and groom. This time, Kimberley chose to wear a classic style wedding dress with a long white skirt and V-neck dress in a simple and elegant style by the creativity of the brand @Dior and on Mark's side, there are two styles of total look suits from Tom Ford and Zegna, which Vogue didn't miss collecting pre-wedding photos of the couple for you to see here. #VogueExclusive #MarKimTheWedding
Photographers: @bug_sueb and @nawaphon_present
Makeup (Kimberley): @andisoon
Hairstyling (Kimberley): @jcreef
Makeup and hairstyling (Mark): @tungpui69
(c) voguethailand

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Mark and Kim's Wedding 9-14-2023 :icon12:

Mark Prin and Kimberley Anne Woltemas are officially husband and wife now
Congratulations to the lovely couple. Best wishes on this new chapter in your life.

Kim: "If you ask when did I loved bee, I can't answer that question, because I can't think of a time in my life where I didn't love bee"
Mark: “If you ask me why I love bee, it is because bee makes me happy. Bee always makes my world brighter. Bee makes me a better person. Bee made me the best version of myself ”


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Finally, they got married! I am crying while day seeing MK
They went through so much and wishing them a great life ahead ❤
Came to this forum after years only to see the updates
Thank you so much @MKfan132 for updating this thread

Miss my girl @“peace”
We used to chat a lot and I’m sure this day would be your happy day too, girl