Micro Love (Fehnu Infinity)


sarNie Adult
I believe in the power of James Ma and his magical legs. I believe that this movie will be a box office hit in both countries! YES! I BELIEVE! JAMES MA FOR PRESIDENT er.. I mean. YEAH! GO JAMES MA!


sarNie Adult
Well, at least James is paired up with someone decent. Not all idols can act(cough Suzy). Eunjung was a lot better than her in dream high. And lucky it wasn't her co and pretty doll, Ji yeon too.


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
Wow, that's great for JM and fans. Thanks for the info and pics...They are so lovely.
Jus wonder, they may speak English toward each other... hheheheeh


sarNie Adult
lmao already cringing at Eunjung's english. It's okay, James will make up for it. Waiting to see a glimpse of their fitting..