Mint Chalida,James Ma,James Jirayu (HAMBURGER no.181 July)


sarNie Hatchling
Am I the only one going bonkers on not knowing what or when JMA's new lakorn will be?? Perusing so many sites but still no clue... wah wah wah! It's a shame I can understand 85% Thai but cannot read it...yet! I've been using google translate for the thai fonts and it comes out as a literal translation which leaves me scratching my head a majority of the time.


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I'm waiting patiently too for his next work...he said he will have a new lakorn but the news regarding this new lakorn has been quiet...
I hope to see him and mint a slap/kiss drama lolz...James acts well in dramas...sorry if off topic lolz...


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fanny said:
Yes! I want to see his talent not his pretty face. So far he hasn't shown any just yet. Thai people craved for his adorable baby face not his talent. I like him because got the look and the height, but I need to see what he got too. Waiting for Ruk Surit so I can determine whether he's good or not. On the other hand, JMA has shown more that he can definitely act.
I mean personally what drew me into him for a moment was the fact that he reminded me of Mark Prin, but with longer lashes! But throughout the whole Ch 3. Superstar show, my eyes always went to JMA :heart:


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Awh, sorry, James J, but James M and Chalida's cover is more appealing and attractive! :wub: Hamburger photo shoots are always weird, but I really love Chalida and James M's cover. :yes: Some of the inside pictures are weird, but their concept is still cool.
itzdao said:
the shoe switching is just too cute lol!
I find it disturbing. :loool: Chalida's shoes are cute, but James Ma's? No, just no! :no: