Mithi Mahudsajun


sarNie Egg
I saw this preview in youtube, i was wondering what it was about. can anybody summarize the story please??


sarNie Hatchling
this is my favorite boran lakorn.... i love it... really i do... everything is good... it recommend it....


sarNie Adult
i just watch it on youtube. during those time they got better sound affect and powers and fighting technique. today is to much 3d and power is to much over and fighting technique stinks. acting is horrible to.i wonder if the same production produce it or not. well it is just different people working for them.


start watching it... its a really good boran lakorn..
I heard it's both regular and boran together. I've seen the trailer,
and it looks okay in a way. But, I'll see if I have the chance to look
at it though.