Mo Monchanok (Mangu Magazine Issue 129 February 2018)


sarNie Oldmaid
I think this is a Chinese magazine company? Mo looks absolutely stunning, especially in the second collage. I hope to see her styled like this in more of her lakorns. Not a fan of the thick straight brows though, I want her to go back to the arched brows she had in Peak Marn and Fun Fueng.

cr: bee_emily


sarNie Hatchling
Seems to be a Chinese media group formed in Thailand?? A summary of the report: When Mo was 18, she got a chance to shoot an MV and then movies and TV lakorns. But it was all destiny that she started her showbiz career: she accompanied her friend for a CF audition and she was the one being picked. It was a simple work. She was not shy at all and did what she was asked to do. But her first movie was an entirely different thing. She was unable to control her emotions and felt so frustrated that she almost quitted. Almost, that means she did not. A kind acting mentor kept couching and encouraging her, and Mo eventually got the confidence and courage to carry on. The most difficult role so far for her had been the nang rai in Pan Ruk Pan Rai, a very emotional character. In the beginning, she did not know how to act it out, for she couldn't understand how someone's possessive desire would drive her to hurt and kill people around her. So, she watched lots of videos, trying to empathize and learn from them. Now she'd like to challenge herself with more difficult roles, e.g., a schizo. She has a facebook fan club, MOMONhappygirl. She enjoys travelling and gourmet, taking photos, and sharing these infos online, which also serves as an exchange platform with her fans. She met many people in the entertainment industry and gradully came to learn what is human nature and why people behave in certain way. Now she knows one shall never judge people by what they say/how they look. Mo sets high goals for herself and is punctual at work . . .