sarNie Adult
credit to Monster Soul


Stage name: Heaven (Chun Gook, 천국)
Name: 정승현 Jung Seung Hyun
Position: Vocal
Birthdate: 1987.6.14
Height: 177cm
Likes: Cooking, inline skating
Favorite musicians: Craig David, Justin Timberlake

Stage name: Real (리얼)
Name: 배준렬 Bae Joon Ryul
Position: Vocal
Birthdate: 1989.2.3
Height: 178cm
Likes: Short track, composing, conversing

Stage name: Caho (가호)
Name: 손영곤 Son Young Gon
Position: Rapper
Birthdate: 1985.9.11
Height: 186cm
Likes: Games, computer, exercising
Favorite musicians: Usher, Jay-Z, Eminem, BLUE

Stage name: David (데이빗)
Name: 조동국 Cho Dong Gook
Position: Vocal
Birthdate: 1986.1.11
Height: 180cm
Likes: Snowboarding, kickboxing
Favorite musicians: Billy Porter, Javier

Debut album released: April 17, 2007, They are under Monster World Entertainment.

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