Mor Luck Fun Tong! Thai Stars Prediction 2009


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Mor Luck is back just in time for Thai Stars prediction 2009. So who will be in, who will be out, the hook up, the break up, accidents, pregnancy and bad luck..

Are you ready to fun tong?

The year to keep your mouth shut!

Next year is the year for a comeback for celebs such as Tik Jessada & Film Rathapoom.

It is also the year for loud mouth stars to keep their mouths shut. Sometimes people need to learn to control their anger, anyone who loses it in 2009 – 2011 will definitely go down. Please learn from senior stars such as Nok Sinjai, Anne Tongprasom and Noon Warranuch – They’re good role models.

Arrogant newcomers are a concern as well as celebrities with names starting with letter P, Y and channel 3 halfie Nang Aek with name starting with letter A.

Actors with name starting with W, S(ศ), S (ส) & J as well as chinky looking singer. All of these people need to be careful and watch their mouths. Don’t be a smartass, or you will fall! Funtong!

Ken Theradeth

Ken has good fortune. He will be famous consistently, even after marriage it will still make him more famous and lovable to his fans. In 2009 Ken will still be famous and he will maintain his status right through till 2010. Everything he touches will make money. His son “Nong Khun” has luck in his destiny and will help Ken’s fortune to be even better.

Smart Kristsada

Mart has bad luck in his sign for the year 2008. However in 2009-2011 his star will shine very brightly. Although according to his destiny, leaking photos will jeopardize his career and this is his weakest link. Bad photos can damage him. If it happens he needs to remain calm and be careful.

Chakrit Yamnam

In the past his luck hasn’t been that great but end of 2009 he will rise again. In July – October he will be given good work. However Chakrit’s destiny is “Forever star”. In 2009 he has very good fortune in his love life. He will meet his soul mate and she will boost his image and career. He will meet her April – August. His love life will be more obvious. He will meet more than one person. It’s a guarantee that his life will not be as bland as in the past year.

Paul Pattarapol

He is destined to be a rich man. In 2009 he will start to accumulate wealth and receive more work. In 2011-2012 he won’t even know where to keep all his money! He needs to be hard-working and leave love aside. The longer he waits to get married, the better it is for him. His destiny is not like Ken, who benefits from marriage. Paul will find it hard to keep relationships. If he does marry early in life, it will lessen his popularity.

Film Rathapoom.

He has the same star sign as P’Bird Thongchai. In the past year he may have fallen but in 2009 his luck will get better and he will be very famous in April – August. His rising fame will surface along with news with a female. He needs to be careful as his reputation could be in jeopardy because of a female or even a male who is a female at heart.

Please use past experience as a lesson. When there’s a gap in his life, please don’t try to get close to any woman or man who is more like woman. His career could fall because of a woman or a he-woman. However he does have a superstar destiny. After September 2009 he will be through with all his bad luck and sorrows. His luck will improve and he will be more successful after August.

Golf Pichaya

In 2009 Golf’s fame will be quiet. He will rise in 2010 – 2011. In this time Golf should concentrate on his studies. Don’t put too much into love. He will find love with a younger girl. He is destined to meet his soul mate in April – August and in 2010 there could be a return with Kwan however according to his sign, once it’s over, it’s definitely over. Golf if destined to be with a woman who has some kind of flaw. She could be an orphan, a widow or someone who recently had her heart broken. There is a chance for Golf and Ploy. However I will not predict Ploy’s future as Ploy has told me not to ‘suark’ (a profane term for interfere) with her business so I don’t want anything to do with her fortune.

Chompoo Araya

Chompoo has good fortune. As for a previous prediction by another psychic saying she is prone to have a cancerous cyst. I’d like to fun tong to say no she will not. According to her star sign she will not die from a life threatening disease nor will she die from a fatal accident. Chompoo will become more famous. She will find it hard to marry and if she does have a boyfriend please hide him because he could bring her career down. Her soul mate will be a man from outside the biz, he will be an orphan. He is older than her and as his own business.

Pinky Savika

The past year were her golden year so in early 2009 from Jan - April her popularity will drop. At the end of the year it will pick up again. Her luck is not good this year, please do a lot of food merits and be careful. Don’t get involved in infidelity. In 2009 she will lose her status someone new will come into her life who is not Aum Athichart. This person will jeopardize her reputation. Please take care of yourself. Her real soul mate will be the kind who comes into her life and boost her career. He will be someone older and far. Pinky is destined to marry later in life.

Kwan Ausamanee

2009-2010 will be her golden year. Kwan has the same star sign as Mam Jintara so be careful of sudden weight gain. In 2009 she will make a name of herself through a project that no one else is capable of gaining. In April she will succeed, her rating will beat other stars. Her love life is bad. Men are bad luck to her and she needs to be careful of accidents as she is very clumsy.

Pancake Khemanid

She has good fortune in the beginning of the year. Maybe she will be in a lakorn portraying a very good character. However she has a lot of look-a-likes. Please beware of damaging news that could come from her look-alikes. Her love sign is very hard to predict so I don’t want to say. Let’s just say according to her destiny. In her love life, what you think may not be what you get.


From my previous experience of predicting pregnancy (case of Mam Benlo) Lydia’s destiny does not fall in this category. Lydia has bad fortune from a previous life which makes it hard for her to conceive. She will not get pregnant easily. She has luck in her fortune and she will be famous overseas in Japan and china. In 2006-2008 she’s had a lot of sadness but according to her destiny. Scandals will make her famous.

In her love life she will have an older boyfriend at least 5-7 years older. He will look older than his age and according to her destiny. It is best for her to keep her relationship hidden. Don’t let leaking photos of her relationship leaked too often such as kissing and cuddling photo.

Aump Patcharapa

It’s time for a fall. But not too much as her loyalty to her parents is helping her. Her soul mate will be someone wealthy. Someone who she will do business with and succeed, in the beginning of 2009 she will meet someone she likes. Is she destined to be with a younger man? According to her destiny she is destined to be with a mature man who may be younger than her but has a mature personality.

Anne Tongprasom

Ann has the best destiny. She is destined to be forever star. Her luck says she should get married but whether she wants to or not is her business. But 2009 is a good year for marriage especially in August – September. However whether she wants to or not is her business not mine. Her soul mate could be older or younger but he must be mature and has his own business. She should start a business together with him.

Pu Praiya

Pu has a charming destiny. However a partner could diminish her career. If she wants to have a relationship she needs to hide her romance. She must not have a public relationship. In 2009 her destiny is gloomy but totally fallen. After 2009 she will rise, fall, rise fall. After November 2008 she will get better. She will make a come back in 2010 – 2012. Please take care of herself and don’t put too much thoughts in to relationships. Concentrate more on fame and money. Her soul mate is an older man, preferably a divorced man.

Tata Young

She will become famous internationally. In 2009-210 she will rise and succeed again. But she needs to work overseas. In May – August and after December she will rise. According to her destiny she will meet a family man and he will love her like his own daughter. She will find it hard to get married. She will fall pregnant in order to married and it won’t be an accidental pregnancy either.



sarNie Oldmaid
LOL he's still predicting dat film will make it dat big but he couldn't see dat film would fall and now he's tellin him to be careful LOL


Staff member
lol.. hahaha.. interesting fortune telling lol..

hmmmm.. pinky is gonna fall because of aum.. if they do.. aum is all mines lol.. hehe.. or ateam lala..

aump will fall.. >_<

kwan.. golden years.. yay...

lol.. no matter wat .. ken will alwaise be popular n famous kekeke..

......... xp..


sarNie Granny
some of these are really good, and i hope it does happen for them, but comment...
i hope tik does make a comeback, that would be the best thing....


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
oooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! these are pretty gewd predictions than mor krit. lol
but i do feel badd for some of them. well wish them all Luck!! ^^
This fortune thing is cool, i hope they all come true. All the good ones i mean. Ann's fortune is good. I really hope for her to get married, but i dont want her to get married with that one kindergarten guy thingy. I saw him, he's way too old for her. I dont want her to end up with him. NO offense


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The part where he mentioned that there will be arrogant newcomers/concerns starting with the letter P..the only name that pops in my head that is a newcomer is "Peung"..She's not really new but is still consider "Nong Mai" to the entertainment industry..also true that there is alot of newcomers for next year, I just hope that they're not to full of themselves.

When he said halfie Nang Aek Ch.3, Araya Champoo pops in my head..


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Even I can do Pinky's, Pancake's, and Kwan's due to news and gossip (and probably the rest too...) . I mean, Pancake had news about look-alikes, and Pinky...well of course she will drop, she doesn't have any lakorns airing yet, right >>>? And as for Kwan, I mena jeez. She was about to get Fah Jarod Sai, and then didn't. The exs. probably have something in store for her, no?