Mo's New Lakorn? Mo & New - Possible New Pairing?


sarNie Oldmaid
Look what I found... Hehe. New and Mo standing side by side in the center of the group picture at ONE HD's press conference last week for The OC Thailand and Sorry I Love You.

Maybe my gut feeling was right. Is it a sign that they will pair up soon? Is it a work of fate and they are destined to pair up eventually (soon)? I mean, with how everyone is positioned, you would think Marie would be by Mo, and not New, since the leading/supporting ladies (Mo/Esther/Marie are towards the center and the leading/supporting men are towards the ends. So it would make sense that Marie was by Mo, and New was between Marie and Esther, or heck, even between Mouse and Esther (so that the main leading/supporting actresses-Mo/Esther/Marie-would be in the center with the main leading/supporting actors-Kangsom/Nike/Mouse/New-surrounding them). But since New ended up standing between Marie and Mo, it could mean Exact is trying to promote him with his current nang'ek (Marie) and his future nang'ek (Mo). ;)

Not to mention, Mo took a selfie with Pim and Jeab at the press conference and posted it on her IG.

(Previously, she'd taken a selfie with Khun Pon, Exact's coproducer, and Jes at Reun Roy Ruk and Puer Tur's press conference, and like my speculations, it was because she was cast in Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur 2016 with Jes, and she was likely promoting the collaboration on her IG before news of her confirmed casting came out. So this could be another case of that where she's taking a selfie with her future directors/producers/coworkers for her upcoming lakorn.)
Her managers also posted a photo of her with both actresses/producers on their company's IG (hubsub_official).

They never post pictures of Mo with other celebrities outside of their managing company (celebrities they manage are Mark, Bella, Pream, Bo, Praew, etc.) on that IG (because that IG is strictly to promote their stars' work). The only time they will post pictures of Mo with other celebrities is because Mo has a current or future collaboration with them on a project (lakorn/tv series/photoshoot). Even when she was on Mam Kathleeya's show (I think it was Mam), I remember they probably posted a photo of Mo with Mam on their IG, but it wasn't an individual photo. It was more like they caught Mam in the picture. Or either it was that they took a group picture of Mo with all the actors and hosts on that show. But it wasn't an individual photo like here, where Mo is just with Jeab and Pim. And it's never a backstage/random moment type of picture. All their pictures are to promote their actor (Mark) and actresses work. So I think it's a sign... :D I'm predicting that Mo and New are Pim and/or Jeab's new pairing in their next lakorn. ^_^ (The caption for this photo was "sao sao sao". Sao means young woman or little girl. So Mo's managers were implying that Jeab, Pim and Mo are all young women/youthful ladies. Mo's managers typically wouldn't acknowledge/poke fun at other people in pictures of Mo unless they are significant to Mo somehow. Because if Mo isn't involved personally with those people on a personal or professional level, Mo's managers wouldn't be comfortable enough to openly poke fun at or comment about them in their captions.)

Last week I also posted my posters of New and Mo on IG and New and Mo liked the first one, while Jeab and New liked the second one. I posted a screenshot of Jeab liking my poster with another caption requesting her to pair up New and Mo, she liked it and replied with two kissy faces. Maybe this all wasn't a coincidence. I guess we'll see. :)
Edit: This was way too much analyzation. Lol. I'm reading too deeply into things.