[Movie] All Is Well


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The OST of the movie is beautiful and soothing to the ear but the movie is not as good. The later half is much better than the first half ... so only watch this when you're bore.

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Synopsis: (Contains spoilers)
The film starts off with Inder Bhalla(Abhishek Bachchan), an aspiring song composer getting kicked out of his house by his father, Bhajanglal (Rishi Kapoor). Bhajanglal runs a bakery that doesn't really "run". He wants Inder to work at the bakery, but due to Inder's ambitions on becoming a successful song composer, he clearly refuses. Bhajanglal finds this an insult and sends Inder out of his house thinking that he is arrogant and selfish. This makes Inder hate his father forever but somewhere inside his soul, Bhajanglal still has love for his son. Inder travels to Thailand with his friend Ronny(Sumeet Vyas) who is also an ambitious song composer. Inder misses his mother, Pummy Bhalla(Supriya Pathak) but hasn't talked to her in many years. Suddenly, Inder gets a phone call from Cheema(Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub). Cheema lies to Inder that his father has sold his bakery and wants him to get his share. Unknown of this lie Inder leaves everything and flies back to India. At the airport he hugs his girlfriend, Nimmi(Asin) goodbye unknown that she is also travelling to India on the same flight. When Inder and Nimmi reach India they catch the same taxi as Nimmi wants to visit Inder's place. Inder drops Nimmi at his place and then goes to Cheema. There he sees his father has been abducted by Cheema and his goons. Inder comes to learn of the real truth that over the years his father borrowed lots of money from Cheema due to house needs but couldn't return it. Cheema warns that if wants himself and his father to stay alive then he better arrange money. Inder and Bhajanglal go home to think of something. There Inder finds out that his mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and Bhajanglal sent her to an ashram. Inder thinks that his father was very selfish but he hasn't learnt the truth yet. Inder, Bhajanglal, Pummy and Nimmi take a road trip to try to run away from Cheema. They go to a bank on their way and want to take Pummy's brother's money that Pummy has right on. Pummmy obviously has lost her memory so Bhajanglal has to sign the form. There, Inder learns that his father has divorced his mother. This causes his hatred for his dad increase. Bhalanglal tells Inder that it wasn't his fault and the dark truth behind his and Pummy's divorce. The film goes in flashback. After what he has learnt, Inder realises that his father was always innocent and starts loving him again. Inder sell all his songs that he had composed to pay back Cheema, gets his parents married again, marries Nimmi, and renovates his and his father's bakery. The film ends with Inder, Nimmy, Bhajanglal and Cheema (now their friend) working at the bakery and making lots of money.
Sonakshi Sinha appears in a song Nachan Farrate just before the interval when Inder's family go to a dhaba but do not have the money to pay for the food. Sonakshi works at the dhaba as a dancer but his co-dancer is drunk and cannot dance anymore. Sonakshi offers Inder free food if he agrees to dance with her.
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Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlyc0NxmRYs
Ost 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBgozKQKXdc  ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one )
Ost 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzXePiZf_V8 ( Lyric for this one is heart breaking T____T )


I really love all the songs. My favorite tracks were Baaton Ko Teri and Mere Humsafar (it's a reprise version of a song in an Aamir-Juhi film). After Umesh who directed 'OMG - Oh My God', a very good film, I was quite excited to see what he will bring next but sadly was disappointed. The second half was better but as a whole it's not appealing. I think if it was a huge superstar like one of the Khans, the film could have done slightly better. I felt bad for Nimmi but did not like her character cuz they made her look desperate but I really love Asin though. She's a very talented yet underrated actress. Disliked Inder just because of his selfishness. Seeing how his dad was like, he should have shown that he's a better person but instead he's worse.