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Love love Boy & Chom and Nadech & Sammie's posters! Well done!


sarNie Adult
Wow! Those Two posters are AMAZING!!! I love the textures & stuff soo much.
Love the blending on the first one. You are soo talented!! :D I love all of them!!


Staff member
MY, i love this one of AFF/KEN .. it's so Beautiful ..

i hope you don't mind me suggesting something here ..
I think it would have been a masterpiece if you focus more on the text part.
work around and try to make something nice out of the text to bring out the message of what the graphic represent.
Instead of having or putting Ken/Aff's name on the bottom, maybe try to somehow mix them in with the title of the graphic.

Sorry, it's the start of a new year .. i want to make suggestion on fanarts so they can somehow improve with their techniques
[not that i'm an expert either but when i see something nice, i want it to be EXTRA nice but if i offend you, i'm so sorry na]